The age old argument


Dare I admit my dislike for chocolate on the forums :shushing_face:


:scream: Shun the chocolate hater!

… jk, we still like you :kissing_heart:

For me personally, I find most milk chocolate to be repellant. It’s too sickly sweet if I eat it plain. I don’t mind it nearly as much when it’s in other candies (like peanut butter cups, snickers, milkyways etc.) I prefer dark/semi-sweet chocholate with the coco mixture at around 70-75% (75% is starting to push the upper limits. a good 72% or 73% is heavenly.)


:heart_eyes: dark chocolate… I once saw a bar that was 98% cacao… it’s actually white instead of super dark


For you!

I’ll stay in the 70s.


Tried to paste some images failing miserably, but you found all of that :joy:


Liquor-filled chocolate is delicious too :heart_eyes:.

It warms your body for each bite.




Gotta take risks


I don’t really like milk chocolate either, but I’ve had some 99% cocoa chocolate and it just tastes bitter and not like chocolate to me. I personally like 70% ish chocolate.


Just saw this cursed abomination and thought to post it here. :t_rex:


sugar coma


No. Candy corn does not belong anywhere besides the trash can, but a pizza? That’s just disgusting.


Pizza eaters uniting against a common foe!

Or something like that anyways…

And now I’m wondering if anyone actually ate the pizza candy food abomination


No comment


I have actually had this and also a chocolate/marshmallow pizza and I must say it is quite a treat! :drooling_face:


So…what? Replace the sauce with nutella, maybe keep the cheese, and top it with bananas and chopped nuts? It’d practically be a pie. A really flat pie, but a pie none the less. Then again, I guess it all depends on how you define a pizza.

I’m reminded of this now…


A pop tart is a sandwich :rofl::joy::rofl:

Edit: Though on the question as to what makes a pizza… they are dessert pizzas and I’m fairly sure most don’t use marinara sauces, pesto sauces, or alfredo sauces…


Dessert pizzas… are not true pizzas. I do not accept them. :stuck_out_tongue: Tomato and mozzarella or bust. :t_rex:


But like @Rexaandel said, how do we define the measure of a pizza? Is it by the ingredients? Is it by the way it is cooked? What is pizza?


Existential crisis: pizza edition.
I think it’s the ingredients. Whether it’s square, circular, or some other shape (triangle-shaped pizza?), it’s gotta have tomato sauce and some cheese (and a crust). At least, my opinion :man_shrugging: :t_rex: