The age old argument


Sooo, pizza with a pesto sauce is not a pizza? :scream:


Firmly disagree


A variant of a sauce is acceptable as long as the other two ingredients are intact. :t_rex:





If you call it Pizza, it’s a Pizza
Now, a proper pizza is the one that you can pair with a nice extra cold beer (at least a tradition in my country)


Well here’s safari’s definition

According to this it must have tomato sauce and cheese. According to me, I think desert pizzas are pizzas, but true pizzas have tomato sauce and cheese.


Yes. There we go. That’s my definition. That’s REAL pizza.
Apparently I’m a pizza elitist now. :t_rex:


I’ll have my favorite stuffed crust pizza with italian sausage crumble and double pineapple followed by a skor treatzza pizza any day of the week :smiley:

Partially because i really enjoy it, partially to help tame the wild raptors :sunglasses:


Tomato sauce or not, if it smells and tastes good it’s going in my belly.



What exactly is a pizza company?
Pizza is made by pizzaioli :eyes: And every pizzaiolo makes a different pizza.

What exactly is this horror? @hellraptor :see_no_evil:

I think pizza is whatever a pizzaiolo decides to make and call pizza. Tomato sauce is not mandatory, there are a lot of “white” pizzas. Also cheese is not mandatory, Marinara pizza has no cheese on it.
Shape is not a relevant factor either.

Maybe it has to do with the ingredients of the dough. I think those have to be fairly constant. Then, what you put on top of it can differ.
And yes, there are dessert pizzas. But when you say pizza you generally don’t think about those.


You tell 'em, @Rituximab!


I would say that dough is the constant, even if composed from different flour kinds


:thinking: If the ingredients of the dough must be consistent, does that mean gluten free pizzas aren’t pizza since they would, by necessity, use different types of flour? They wouldn’t be able to use wheat flours to make the dough on a gluten free pizza…


Gluten free = Not food (unless it’s gluten free bacon)


You heard it here first folks! Fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat are no longer food… except for bacon. That apparently still counts.


I like to make sweeping statements and then later have a partial retraction. Seems to be the thing to do. :wink:

I’m going to bring this to the team, and we’ll see what was intended to be food.


Dear God. What circle of hell is that served in? :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


This is an interesting question lol

So, they can’t use wheat (or any other cereal containing gluten) flour, but they would still use some kind of flour.
Not all pizzas use the same kinds of flour so some variation is allowed maybe. But yea, I wouldn’t expect any pizzaiolo using rice flour (for example) to make normal pizza, so Idk lol

If I put a veggie burger inside some bread and then put some melted cheese on it and whatever else I want, can I still call it a cheeseburger?
Or if I make vegan pasta alla carbonara, with no eggs, chese or guanciale, can I still actually call that thing pasta alla carbonara?

I think the name in that case could still be used, because the original intent was to make pizza, even if strictly speaking that wouldn’t be a normal pizza.
Some would disagree I presume.


After consulting my team of nutritionists, the statement should have been…

Gluten free flour = not (always) people food.

We apologize for the confusion.


Whatever that “thing” is, it is not pasta alla carbonara. It might look like it, but it is a lie.