The Amazing Nydryr

I had no love for Nydryr for a long time, I only got him because I could get his Platinum stone after I finished Borgian, but would have only been able to get Kinnarus’ gold stone. I accidentally leveled Ember and started using Nydryr and Enki to help teammates on the 299 base. Eventually I discovered Nydryr is awesome on this base and I was able to help much higher level players with their XP raids.

Lvl 28 Nydryr

I missed the double spike on the first small island (as usual), but it’s not necessary anyway.


I only got him because he’s pretty…


I don’t have this dragon but since you’re using FreeXp280 and backing higher levels, I wanted to pass on another dragon as an option too.

I’ve been backing our higher levels with Hauheset, still at level 1. Lutrus advised that I keep him at this level to learn how to use him. Currently, he can kill about +80% of the base with no damage to himself. I love squeezing as much out of runs as possible … this gives (1) full xp for the lead and (2) (3) xp and practice for Hau. :heart_eyes:

Unfortunately, I don’t think 100% is possible cause I suck with hunters. But maybe you’ll be able to hit that target. :four_leaf_clover:

Also, my Hau currently has 26M xp banked … ready for the next feeding event. :sunglasses:

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I have Scorchil and Sekhem, no Hau yet but I can’t wait to get him. I’ve been watching one of our players backing with Hau on xp runs and he looks like an amazing dragon.

Thanks for the luck, he looks hard to master.

Edit: The 312 base has changed since the videos I have seen of Hau getting 100% at lvl 1. I wonder if it’s even possible anymore, my teammate didn’t think so.

With the state that the 312 base is currently in… it’s definitely possible :joy::rofl::joy:


My nydyr is level one and will remain level one lol…a pretty decent token mission dragon

Lvl 1 ember is better simply because you don’t have to equip a spell in order to complete those “do 7M damage with Ember” missions. Nydryr doesn’t have that same capability :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you don’t have ember in your line up you’ll never get that mission…

She’s referring to the do damage with whatever dragon missions in general lol

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Ember is pretty much always in my line up lol. Sometimes he’s my only dragon :laughing:

Quick do a video and post it on Youtube with the caption “War Dragons: Kill the 312 base with level 1 Ember” :rofl:

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Lmao, sure, why not :laughing: brb…

Edit: I think I got it to work…


Yea obviously ember is better, but for those that don’t have a level 1 ember nydyr is the next best thing. And the dmg mission really only takes one dg

Those take 10 hours to forge and I feel are too valuable to use outside of war (especially since I’m elite only).

Havoc is my “go to” for war. I guess on bases where I wouldn’t need havoc, I could start equipping dg just in case.

I rarely need DG for tokens so it doesn’t really effect my stock really

I think you should only keep Hau level one for about 2 weeks.

The main reason? All the wipes become disheartening. Second, next feeding is about two months away.

I kept mine lvl 1 for 3 weeks. I would have caved at two, but waited for feeding, as it was coming up. The last week was rather miserable.

You learn how to fly him and learn not to make the worst mistakes for the first few weeks, but eventually you’ll need success under your belt, or you’ll lose hope. You’ll keep learning after you level him, of course, if you stretch yourself.


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