The Atlas Coalition: A Movement for Change

So I’ve seen some players voicing some concerns over the mechanics in Atlas. Some of the leading gripes include mega-alliances, third-party alert bots, etc. (There have been others, hence the “etc.”)

But these things are player-created, so PG can do little to prevent them. Even if they could, players would still manage to find a workaround so that they can continue to exploit their tools the way they intended.

I wanted to start a discussion to generate some fuel as to how these things may be abolished once and for all. Players say that these things are problems, but nobody ever poses a solution; something that applies not only to Atlas, but nearly every aspect of the game that is declared a problem. This is an opportunity to develop some thought into what makes these things problematic and how to release the burden.

Have at it.


I think this is a wonderful idea! I pray it doesn’t turn into the other threads where people just fight and point fingers. I’m ok with atlas and enjoy it personally. It’s a challenge and has it’s flaws but at the end of the day this is one of the best games out there. Happy flying y’all!


Mainly I don’t use those bots but the only problem I see logical to solve is that Mega Alliance issue.

Or it becomes flag central because people throw being civil out the window when people dont agree with each other.

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Movement :eyes:


That’s kinda me when I’m thrown in a tizzy with the large quantity of toxic people in these Forums.

Unfortunately I dont think it’s even possible for an active atlas discussion to exist and it not to become a toxic back and forth dck waving contest. Civil and Atlas do not go together.

The only way to abolish mega alliances would be for a total overhaul of how atlas works and they’re never going to do that because there’s no incentive to do so. So instead we will at most get Band-Aids on bullet wounds


I thought wars in Atlas = protests against playing fields so I guess people can be salty and toxic outside of the forums and refuse to lose a war so I guess it is like one of those inappropriate words that I can’t mention on forums because of the flagging system, guess that’s how the cookie crumbles most the time it’s just a lame excuse to flex on your haters fridays.

While you are correct, I wish you were wrong in this aspect so we can all work together for a better atlas.

100% agree I said this many a times in forums. The way the current map is mega alliance from all sides.

Having a league based approached in which higher leagues gives better returns and different maps may be the best way. Some other good suggestion I have seen by @kademan is higher castles have bigger risk and I added onto that higher rewards

Another good suggestion by @Nyxxta is to have scaling % or bonus glory.

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:point_right::point_right: DOM :point_left::point_left:


Already a pretty similar thread with plenty suggestion already

It was but unfortunately it was derailed pretty quickly.


At this point, atlas is so embedded and monopolized that the only legit solution would be to disband it BUT that will never happen

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If atlas was removed a lot of people would quit.

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It’s not our job

PG needs to step and and do their bit. Other than releasing rubbish, old content and adding numbers to towers what do they really do?

They use our money to pay wages, server costs etc they have a responsibility to deliver on shi7 or stop charging premium money for old crap


Even if PG doesn’t listen it’s our job to suggest these changes. Else you just want Atlas to … not change.

I don’t know if you noticed, but people are quitting in their droves anyway


Noticed the game is dying because of it but hey we need another way to get timers if Atlas was removed a less useful way however.

A PvE section with it’s own separate rewards system might be a nice change in pace for newer teams and for people who might want a break from the PvP demand of protecting castles in real time.

I really think this could be a very good user friendly addition, especially now that PG has opened the door of Atlas to Gold teams.

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There have been plenty of threads over the years where people propose solutions to various issue. I find it odd that you have never read any of them. :thinking:

Some of the proposed solutions have been terrible, some have been quite good, and regardless of merit or lack thereof, most have ended up in the same place. :face_in_clouds: