The atlas "Update" Concerns


“Atlas” Iv heard some say… But now I hear “at last another let down,” “at last!” This, this, and that. Well what I have to say about this is… Last but not Atleast… The community has sat here and asked questions and all they can get are from beta testers. Those beta testers are or were players on a team that had access to atlas before this so called “launch”. These teams were picked from the top teams in war dragons. War dragons has been saying and promising the community so many thing and is not hearing the communities responces. Remember when the “forge beta” was out where players randomly selected for beta could use and forge items in exchange for certain tokens or w.e when others couldn’t. And that was never unforced but yet your banning players for accidentally seeing something wrong with the forge and not thinking they have beta ?? Noone specificifed what “kind” of beta atlas was so anyone that used that forge “glitch” should not be held agenst they’re profile. I understand exploiting but I do not understand banning new users and players that did not or know the difference about these terms and conditions. Maybe before you randomly select beta testers you anncounce it to the community. These are new forums and new players to this game. You are going to ban players for a misunderstanding? Doesn’t make sence to kill any account that made a mistake… Maybe they heard it from your all access beta testers that weren’t randomly selected. Anyways I believe it is fair to give creators factions beta for atlas excluding me so they have a opportunity to give the community a fair chance at creating strategy so the “beta testers” have a fair chance at their advantage. Drink water be safe.

  1. Stop with your “puns”, it is hard enough to read through a wall of text and understand anything you are trying to say without you trying to be funny/witty/clever

  2. WTF are you even trying to say?

  3. Were you banned for exploiting stuff and this is your rant?


Funny/witty/clever? …Etc?.. And banned for exploiting? Hmm all these topics have come up I gathered general discussion and didnt have time to format it. …however petty is what I would suggest not becoming… As you have a say in the community as well


Lol so you got banned for exploiting the forge?

Your earlier edit


I am not banned I am sticking up for players that misunderstood beta with testing as cheating and p.g/w.d should be more specific on beta testing because many new players are confused or mislead. I understand if a “cheat” is taken advantage of to each their own. But for players in the community that had no idea or fair chance to understand I suggest announcements be made as beta rolls in.


Thanks for replying on this topic, made me waste 2 minutes of my life reading it…


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