The atlas "Update"


Dragon lords and dragons alike, I thought we could leave this in the previous forum, but it has come to my attention that PG has started (or will start) implementing the atlas “Update” October 25th, PG is not going back. At all.

I’m not into the whole “War dragons is ending” thing regarding atlas, but this isn’t what I downloaded the game and spent money on. I personally see no use for this atlas feature, it’s just another PG money grab from the looks of it.

They didn’t listen to the pleas from the players, and war dragons as we know it might actually be “Falling” but not in the sense of the game, the playerbase will probably deteriorate into nothing because of the negativity towards atlas and what it’s there for. I personally may quit because of it.

I don’t mean to insult the PG crew when I say this or anything but I think they really screwed up. Not just us but themselves, atlas will just be another Game of war Fire age type deal, you play it for a week then give up, I hope I have brought this to the WD community’s attention and to PG’s

Have a good night dragon lords



Side note: If Atlas is just an add-on, PG may say it’s not nessecary to use and play with, just a side thing, but they’re most likely gonna make it nessecary and it will most likely contain all the good rewards and suck you dry of your $$$


I think we’ve made a lot of progress on Atlas, and steadily made it more enjoyable with the help of our courageous beta testers. It’s by no means done though – after today’s update I’m sure there will be a flurry of new learnings and improvements to make. We’ll continue to be responsive to feedback from those who are playing it so we can make sure it’s a fun, social addition to our War Dragons universe … one that remains true to the core fun of skillfully flying dragons to defeat enemies on top of a deep world where broader strategy, tactics and social dynamics which adds to the fun. Easier said than done … but I’ll look forward to your feedback once you break into Atlas and see what it’s like firsthand someday / nowadays! Meaningful discussion of Atlas is really predicated on that experience though, and for now we’re going to keep that discussion in a dedicated category here on these forums. Thanks for sharing your concerns Wolf.


I got an email today about this ubiquitous atlas. What is it and where can I find out more about it? Most importantly, if it is going to turn War Dragons into another Clash of Clans clone, where do I express my heartfelt disapproval?


I actually like the idea of Atlas now… I KNOW RIGHT?! My original mindset was that this would be the end of the game, but I am beginning to rethink this. Since progression is so slow as of yet I think that the company was forced into coming up with something to help make the game appealing to others. So Atlas was created and built upon into what it is now. I hated the idea of sailing ships to and fro across a terrible map to progress through this game, but now we aren’t sailing anymore… PG said to trust them even though it looked like the end, and i guess we have no choice in the matter. Yes, of course, this is just an add on. In the grand scheme of things what more were you expecting from a company looking to expand? They want more players and more money. There can only be so many diamond leagues before people start to notice a dilution of attention. Thusly, they give the players something more to do, and for that i am actually happy for once.

Great job PG!!! I just hope that you make this new addition to the game something that can be completed with effort and not money… To a certain extent though as “not everyone should be able to get end-game content”


You’re not gonna find much info about Atlas. Any you may find is likely not up to date. Things were changing constantly while it was in beta and I would expect that to continue. There’s a small amount of info in the game’s help menu but I don’t think it would be of much use without actually having the beta to look at. If you wanna learn anything more you’ll have to ask someone who has the beta directly


Atlas has come a LONG way in just the 4 or 5 months that i have had the beta. It has a lot of potential. The biggest downside right now is the alliances. There is one alliance with 30 teams in it. Everybody is scared to attack each other making it impossible to really enjoy what Atlas COULD be. Right now everyone is just going through the motions so to speak. I fully believe that it will eventually be a big part of the game and i am excited to see what it becomes.


Also, i would like to ask if i could be added to the Beta Chat before my team gets the beta. I’m in the D2 team SadSacks and we certainly will be here when the beta rolls out on the 25th. What do ya say? @PGDave


99.9% do not like the new beta or it ever spinning map, getting trapped in no mans land. Clicking one ship and the other moves.


Whats the difference to the old map? That you need to look now how to travel? I dont see the problem.
I like the beta so far. Some glitches are around but its still a “Beta” we are here to test it and give feedback. Its a lot better as it was. There are mini events which let u gain extra rewards like the 600+ 12h timers this crafting event. We get rewarded and Dave is working hard on it with his time .
Give it some time and maybe they change it back a bit. Or include a better View


What’s the ETA on rollout further down the game?


I want to try atlas before even saying I don’t like it, but if you have to build boats to play on it I will go back to battle pirates and play with a real boat game.


Ten thoughts about Atlas

  1. There are no more boats

  2. Atlas adds Depth and Width to the core game

  3. It gives you additional things you can spend time on, operative word : CAN

  4. It is a lot more team-based, and less individual

  5. Requires strategy - so not for everyone

  6. Its quite rewarding

  7. Riders are awesome, crafting is useful (kinda like Research v2)

  8. There is a sense of accomplishment/rush from catching someone offguard and causing damage in atlas, that is not present in main game. Except maybe landing an undefended big base in a war run.

  9. Team banks rule

  10. Stuff to do in between events. Halleluja

Some disclaimers

  1. Its overwhelming at the start. The urge to go off and attack something will get you killed
  2. Its confusing to start off with - I’m hoping they build a much more robust tutorial for new members
  3. Its a long game strategy
  4. Losses hurt.
  5. Things are still chopping and changing, but better each round
  6. Dave rocks
  7. In case I didn’t say this - Dave rocks.

The "feel" of Atlas - Suggestions and comments

Look forward to it then


Can we define “losses hurt” and “doing damage” to a base caught off guard? Thanks in advance, but depending on what this means it could mean atlas is not optional if not participating means you wake up to lord knows what every morning. Thanks again for the info


So Atlas has an element of stakes in it, like a poker game.

If you like to be completely safe, you setup your home in a safe zone
You physically cannot be attacked there at all. No risk whatsoever.

Your rewards from daily things are a little lower, but not game changeingly so with the newest patches. You can still get soldiers at a very decent rate, mine well, poachers a little less.

You have no risk of being caught unawares, you can however still attack others. So very low risk, baseline rewards

Then you can conquer or attempt to , different level continents.
2-5 or such

There are lots of 2’s, some 3’s, a few 4’s, and 1 level 5.

If you fancy high risk, claim a 4, your prizes are much better, but be prepared to be attacked for it on a daily/weekly basis, where other teams will try conquer your territory. As a team thats holding onto a zone 2 with 4 islands, we have been holding it for about 145 days now according to ingame stats - and we get attacked seriously maybe once every 2 weeks, and occasional skirmish maybe daily.

So, back to defining “losses hurt” and “being caught off guard”

Soldiers are a gating mechanic (you can only get so many per day for free - currently around 1600 in a zone 1, and maybe 3200 in a zone 5 if you have all upgrades, and a few other zones under your control as well. Mostly you will be around ~1600-1800 a day unless you are a top 10 team.

So in a week you say get 10 000 new ships. You can lose up to 15 000 ships in a single attack, if you get caught completely pants down. Eg. you get ambushed far away from your home, with no backup, with an attacking primarch, without any defensive primarchs, while being attacked by someone that knows what they are doing.

There are lots of mechanics around this, which you will learn as you play. Bottom line is, that same attack could have gone the other way, with you only losing around 2000 ships, and the enemy 15 000. So strategy matters.

I would define “doing damage” as inflicting much higher losses to the enemy, than what your team takes. Its strategy, teamwork and execution. pull it off smoothly and its quite a rush


Thank you for all of the info. Most of this I guess will make more sense to me when it’s released in platinum leagues. I thought atlas didn’t have the boats though? I am not looking forward to all that mess. It’s good that it sounds “optional” but if you’re falling way behind in the game by not doing it it will pretty much become mandatory.

In any case, glad that you didn’t mean losses as in losing tower levels or anything crazy. Thank you again for the post


Any chance we can talk you into joining our team for a few days when we get Atlas? :grin:


For whatever reason the setting for the beta was switched from sea to land. So:
troops = ships
castles = islands/continents
peasants = sailors

No gameplay changes because of this. We’re just all so used to the old terms and use them out of habit lol


If anyone has a genuine curiosity about Atlas, refer them to this post :point_up: , Gox1201 hit the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned. good job.
Oh, and PGDave for president.
Or clone him and put them all for work at PG. :+1: