The banning of xOpMegatron in league chat

Well this account has been permanently banned from league chat, and all am trying to do is find out the reason why, all i get told is violating code of conduct. I have requested multiple times but am getting no where so I am making this forums hoping I habe better luck they can even post it public hear I’m totally okay with that


How long are you banned? :eyes:

If i got banned from league chat I would be bloody happy, all you need is team chat and a group chat or two, league chat is full of insults and idiots or chicken scratch, it’s a blessing not a punishment.


They banned me for life and normally I would agree but anyone who knows me knows I’m a very social person I have met a lot of people from week to week and a lot of sleepless nights war defending and associating with people from over seas and stuff

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See I would agree but that’s not my style if people got a problem with me I have a base not a keyboard lol

Have you asked to elevate?
You’re welcome to get info here but you need your ticket number and it may take awhile cause they are super busy with other investigations.


I’m actually gonna take this down cause I didn’t know u can ban appeal tell a team mate sent me info on it I just wanted to know why I was banned I have requested info all week and got no where

:popcorn: oh no don’t take it down :frowning_face:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: this has made my day buddy. Seems a touch out of character for you

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At least you can still use the forum, it’s better than my LC. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


I’m pretty sure the forums are better than just about any LC :rofl: :t_rex:


D1 LC can be pretty entertaining during wars


The sausage is very aggressive in D1 LC.

What do you mean by “sausage”?


The current culture is odd. :roll_eyes:


Gold1 LC is pretty entertaining though…
Changing rapidly among

  • Offering help
  • Adult jokes
  • Standard convos

The languages as well (I used to stop reading LC when there is a wall full of Japanese text… Not being racist, but I can’t even type it for google translate :sweat_smile:)

Nice, saw you joined a team

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