The Basics of How to Defend

Here is a basic tutorial with some trips and strategies I use when defending a base! Hope it helps you shift the scale enough to hold off an attacker or save an extra :fire: in war!

Please share other tips you might have!


Awesome , good job

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Thanks mate

:thinking: :rofl:


Most of my successful defenses come from tripping dragons :woman_shrugging:t2:


My dragons fly the best when they are tripping on rune dust…


I’m actually not even gonna edit that :joy:


A really good video that could be used to help many people :slight_smile: nice work, mate

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How many times can you stack up defence and power?
I remember they last about 10 seconds

They don’t stack and last 12s

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So when you see hammers getting spammed, only one of those counts?

Hammers are instant, the question was about swords and shields.

Sorry, misunderstood. So using a shield then a sword before the dragon hits doesn’t stack? Or you can’t stack 2 of the same kind?

And hammers are stackable? Do they have a duration?

By stacking I mean using the same thing multiple times, not using different things. So basically:

  • A sword will boost the damage of all affected towers for 12 seconds. They get an orange glow while the boost lasts. Putting more swords on the same towers during those 12 seconds will not do anything, not even extend the duration.
  • A shield will give all affected towers an HP shield for 12 seconds. They get a blue shield while the boost lasts. Putting more shields on towers that are still shielded will not do anything, not even extend the duration.
  • A hammer will repair damage done to towers instantly. It has no duration. Hammers have no effect on towers that haven’t been damaged yet.

Sorry if I’m being dense, but if I place a hammer on an undamaged building, will the hammer (repair) come into effect once that tower is damaged, even if it’s not when I place it?

I’m wondering what is the point in spamming hammers prior to buildings being damaged?

No. The hammer will instantly heal the tower, whether the tower is damaged or not.

There is a delay between placing hammer and the healing itself.
Placing hammer just before the dragon starts attacking means that the defender is cautious.
Placing hammer long before the dragon reach the location means that the defender is acting foolish (wasting hammer :rofl: )


Thank you

And what is the word for healing a full island of 5 sanded towers?


Depends on the follow :smirk:

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