The Blaxknightz r a family ready to welcome u

The Blaxknightz r a family unit tht fight for each other and protect one another. We always have fun in team chat and always help each other. We have an insta page and Dragon Queen has an insta set up as well ready to help anyone learn their screens, message me personally for help, and we like to have fun. Drama free and maintain peace except when we go to a competitive war lol. I have been playing for 5 years and know this game very well. So if ur looking for a family to grow and have fun with this is the place ur looking for

Which league? Atlas or non atlas?
Which type of players are u looking for?

Going to move to gold 1 hopefully by next cycle no atlas yet. Anyone who what’s to have fun and learn and be kind to all.

Update we r gearing up to move to platinum and r a family unit where loyalty runs strong

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