The builder hut and breeding castle

I bred 4 green eggs that I was going to use for the builder hut upgrade. Keep in mind, I had already hatched the dragons that came from the particular eggs before, so these ones were just extras. However, when I went to upgrade the builder hut, it said I had 0 green eggs and it wouldn’t let me upgrade. I’ve restarted my game multiple times, and customer support won’t help me at all. Is there any way I can figure this out myself?

And you haven’t done any green research by accident?

She did say she’d hatched the dragons that came from those particular eggs before.

Yeah, missed on initial read :rofl:, still haven’t seen it happen before, though… unless it actually showed 4/4 at some point.

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Lol, had to read it twice myself :laughing:

If you haven’t done any green research, the only other suggestion I have (since you have restarted the game multiple times already) is try deleting it and reinstalling it. Sometimes that helps to fix things. Just make sure you have a pocket ID first. Though you should since you have forum access lol.

Thanks for the advice! I have a Pocket ID, so I’ll try shutting it down and reinstalling. It will instantly offer me the option to log in with my Pocket ID once I reinstall the game, right?

Also, I went to my research hall and it said that I had 33 green eggs. So the builder hut is just being weird again, I think.

Are you sure that they aren’t emerald eggs for L31? :thinking:

Also, CS would probably need a dev to look into vs fix immediately if the two are out of sync.

Do you think support ever gets tired of telling people to close all their apps and turn their phone on and off, or uninstall and reinstall the app? For that matter I would love to see the stats on how many people get that last message and just uninstall it and leave it uninstalled. :thinking:

I’m on iOS so even if I delete the game I actually don’t have to log back in lol. It remembers my account for me :laughing:

Hope you got the issue figured out. I haven’t been able to check the forums for the last 5 hours.

I have had two of my members mistake gold egg hut requirements for green. The gold egg does have a bit of a greenish tinge to it. Post a screenshot of your builders hut.

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Weird, I had a very obvious difference between green and gold eggs in builders hut.

Have had that happen more than once and made the same mistake as well

Hmmm…one of my team members had a question yesterday regarding not seeing any green eggs to upgrade their builder hut. I didn’t think about having them check if it shows extras in the research building; as EmpressClarity mentioned she did in fact have some there. I’ll have to go back and check if they ever resolved it or checked research building. Good catch @EmpressClarity

The builder hut eggs are eggs that u have bred twice…the one for the dragon you hatch does not count.

Oh wait I think ur right

Yes that’s gold. Exactly the same mistake my teammates made so you’re not alone.

Yeah, those look like the image for gold eggs to me :blush: You can always hit upgrade and “ask for help” and it’ll show up in your team chat as how many eggs you need :laughing: It does the eggs before the wood :blush:

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