The calavore mythic NO BUFF needed

that calavore is a heated glass with ice dropped in it!!! and his heal is whack AKA inconsistent :roll_eyes:


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Told ya,
His rage regain is really screwing him up his spell is promising but the shitty rage regeneration inhibit him from using spell


You got Xandra on it?

his health sucks its like bugged man i just followed on jl and half way ripped apart on middle island was no issue with rage more health! his healing seems to do a tad might need to be looked into the rage seemed alright but his health is a damn yoyo :rofl: sometimes adds more and some times less

Do you have vid

Not hard to take one if i can get the permission from lethal! since i was not hit with it but yes the health seems to not work 100% intended ill ask the 2 to allow me to get there videos

This is a high skill floor and high skill cap dragon. Have fun mastering it.


Too hard for you dawg

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correct but the health jumps are completely different each time gaining which is weird asf so i would like to get that video first before i ramble about the health gain seems thats the only issue with it

nah looks simple to fly just again that health gain is weird asf and honestly i think might need looking into it here is the gain in health lol ----- then — then ----- then – then ------- then — then - and so on!! so u see it seems odd that there are multi different gains in health gain other then that looks great but im glad you think you know how i fly :roll_eyes:

Didn’t you say he was gonna be OP :joy:

Joking aside: Might have been hit at the exact same time as the heal, hence the presumed differences in healing, or it might be due to different amounts of towers being destroyed each time - so we definitely need videos if you can get them, so we can try to determine for sure where the issue comes from. Either way - as previously said, this is a high skill barrier dragon imo, and technically, you probably wanna avoid taking much damage to begin with since a 7% heal isn’t that big.


dont worry ill get but yet its awkward and he can be op since u can cancel cloak and use again so most free play get slammed down on by spenders :stuck_out_tongue: but yes ill get it going to have him hit me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I won’t have mine till next week/week 3, otherwise I’d contribute - but I think it’s also probably too early to judge Cal, people are still learning how best to fly him etc.

i agree im just stating what i seen and that health bar does seem whacked out hes been toying with it a few hours and its maxed so been following it so unless that health is suppose to be random then its fine if not should be looked into

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Yah, I thought u where the one saying it was OP😂 Give it some time, I’m sure it will be good.


he is just the health is weird asf

The health is supposed to be 7% per tower destroyed, so the inconsistency may honestly be that, but I guess we’ll see


if its suppose to be inconsistent then so be it but that just means hes going to get crushed by hammer spam :stuck_out_tongue: and be worst! worse then sticking ice in a hot glass im sure u know what happens then :stuck_out_tongue:

Calavore is a dragon that needs a lot of patience and a lot of practice. That dragon in the hands of a skilled flier is definitely OP, in the hands of a mediocre flier, it dies very easily (after all, like all hunters).


yes i understand that but im just stating with health that was the weirdest shit ive seen in a long time no buff just a look into the spell because its honesly weird but then again they screwed with lockjaws spell fixed it and broke howi and had damaging perches and such so not sure if it is how its suppose to act but that gain is weird