The capping of Dragons

Hey PG, have you considered tying dragon level caps into base level instead of normally bred dragons? In Atlas there’s an advantage to base level but capping dragons of someone trying breed normal ones and build base is crappy…

So you are asking for divines to be capped by player level and not by breeding progress?

So a level 400 with sapphire dragons can have a max level harbinger?


I agree with Mechengg… let’s not do that.


If we removed divine capping based on breeding, player progression would be seriously imbalanced and as mech said, there’d be high-level players who are very low in the breeding tiers.


These dragons go to harbinger, if someone hasn’t bred harbingers, they shouldn’t get a free one and start knocking down bases they shouldn’t be able to touch


If that was done, why would anybody breed regular dragons?


Yep. This is just not a good idea at all… why would anyone even bother with tier dragons then?

Yes agreed it’s bad idea…everyone would stop breeding regular tier dragons and max out divines if it was implemented and we can see everyone with 3 divines as top dragons which would be serious imbalance…

Sorry, peeked.
Lv 274
Builder level 28
133M AP
Around mythic Garnet probably…


Nah, most of my team members have this :grin:

My top dragon is Ember… and that’s it. I’ve taken to leaving all the others out of my roster if I’m not in game and actively training them lmao.


All my other dragons are thoughts in the mind of the Lord Ember.

It’s because they still have divines capped…but if you remove divine dragon caps based on tier dragon you don’t need to breed regular drags anymore…every 4 months you get 4 new drags lol…

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Well, for some of use it’d be every four months you get a choice of a new dragon from four new dragons lol. I typically can only max out one line and a few extras.

Breeding to get stronger dragon is the core of the game, bad breeding lead to weak dragon. It sounds fair, doesnt it?

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I don’t know mech…you could start crushing those Atlas bases with your Harbinger Divines. I mean…just imagine, a brand new account (level 1), buys a Harbinger Corthanak. Once, they max out their base you have more recruits for Diamond. /sarcasm :rofl:

It would make breeding pointless then, guess we would have a purpose for research then… :thinking::thinking:

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