The case of the disappearing chests

I completed the first team quest and went to claim my reward, only to find my ~530 or so bronze chests disappeared! I put in a ticket with support, but wanted to make a post to see if anyone else had the same problem.

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My whole game is jacked atm. Can’t attack, can’t see chests, etc.

No its a massive effect. Pitch forks and torches in league chat.

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Good to know it’s a server-wide issue :slight_smile:

Lots of other problems too

Can you even complete team quests in treasure hunt?

Seems to be registering points. Killing 80 bases seems a little extreme for a week night.

Level 1 ember + MsMersy

If you don’t have a lvl1 Ember, I use Draco on MsMersy. Gets it done real quick.

Yes. My team has racked up a (rather unimpressive) 40 points so far.

The game seems to have corrected itself and the missing chests are back :slight_smile:

It requires 100% on level 170. Lol or yes i could do it on the mentioned base.

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