The case of the vanishing war banners



Anyone else been having this issue since the 4.94 update? I see normal attack and defense banners, all atlas banners and I see war attack banners for my teammates but the war defense banners keep vanishing. No banner and no buzz yet suddenly it says someone attacked. I’ll get a normal green banner for another team but never see a red war banner yet apparently an attack happened. Getting really frustrating since in war every defend counts. Never had it before the last update but now it’s happening every war

On Android, Galaxy S8+


We have that problem intermittently


Because they hit as a quest for revenge and you see it but not as a War banner but a regular defend banner


Revenge would still appear as a war attack/defence with a red banner. I think there’s a real issue here, something wrong :thinking:


Attacks through replay will show as war banner and count for war flames if it’s a hit from the team you are warring and they are attacking a valid war target. So that’s not it

There’s a lot of potential causes for missing banners so it’s hard to find the reason unless we can find a pattern


Just stating what has happened to us and it happens quit frequently


Happened intermittently on our last war too. We thought it was the team doing some shenanigans.


Honestly this has been a major issue in the past (on pg end) so it’s possible it’s some kind of breakdown on their end again


As others have said that’s not how it works. If you havent done your war attack yet and revenge an attack from a team you’re at war with it will count that attack as your war hit, red banner and everything. Learned that the hard way right after the revenge quests were introduced

Plus I check every defend banner that pops up just to be sure the visuals arent getting screwed up and showing wrong colors or the green/blue were to be blocking the red from view


I think I am missing defend banners in general lately.

My phone vibrates but there is no banner. No text, e-mail or other non-WD notification is evident.

Maybe there IS an issue?


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