The Chill of Night Grows Colder. Behold, the Headless Horseman!

Don’t lose your head claiming this free Duskfall Portrait!


We all know the horror stories of those who venture into the dark October nights alone. One such tale speaks of the Headless Horseman, a disembodied figure with an incorporeal, ghostly head who haunts the midnight hour. The time has come for this dark omen to venture to the world of War Dragons, and this time, it’s paying a visit to us all!


The Headless Horseman is a new Duskfall portrait featured in its own unique Season Branch. The branch will contain 28 prizes with multiple versions of the Headless Horseman portrait throughout. Read on for more information about this midnight creature.


The Headless Horseman Portrait with and without its Halloween Background. Please Note: The white background on the left portrait is only due to formatting on the Forums - the portrait will have a transparent background in-game.

Branch Information

The Headless Horseman portrait branch will function differently than any other previous Season Branch. Here’s what’s new:

  • There are special prizes included in this branch. The Headless Horseman brings lots of gifts with it as it makes its way through the night! This portrait branch will include prizes featured in few other Duskfall branches, including Black Pearls, Rune Dust, and Elemental Embers.
  • Everyone can get this portrait for free. Despite there being 28 prizes that lead up to the Headless Horseman portraits, ALL Dragon Lords can claim one of the portraits for absolutely no cost. How is that possible, you may ask? Read on!
  • Prizes can be skipped. That’s right, you read that correctly! Only in the Headless Horseman’s portrait branch, any of the 28 claimable prizes in the branch can be skipped. Interested in getting the portrait without spending Duskfall Sigils on the other prizes? No problem. However, take note: Once a prize is skipped, it cannot be returned to and claimed. Choose carefully whether you want to claim a prize or skip it.
  • Portrait Information: There will be two versions of the Headless Horseman portrait at the end of this branch: one with a background, and one without. You have a choice of which one you’d like to claim for free. If you want to own both versions of the portrait, the second one will cost 50 Duskfall Sigils.


Headless Horseman Branch Gif

NOTE: Costs and item counts are not final in this gif. This is intended only to show how the feature works.


The Headless Horseman portrait branch has a limited time availability. Starting on Wednesday, October 24th, this branch and the prizes within it can be claimed until  on Tuesday, October 30th. Instill fear into those who dare oppose your base in-game with this special Duskfall portrait!




Limited Time Halloween Packs


Coming with the Headless Horseman portrait branch, new limited time Halloween packs will be available to all Dragon Lords from October 24th - November 6th. These candy-themed packs will include a heaping pile of Duskfall Sigils, Timers, and Breeding Tokens. Packs can each be purchased every 24 hours for the days they are available (ex. Purchasing the pack once starts the 24 hour timer until the pack is available to purchase again). And let’s be honest, who really only wants to take one piece of candy when trick-or-treating?


Pack Contents

  • Candy Pieces Pack: $9.99
    • x500 Duskfall Sigils
    • x300 Breeding Tokens
    • x2 12h Timers
  • Candy Basket Pack: $49.99
    • x2,625 Duskfall Sigils
    • x1,500 Breeding Tokens
    • x10 12h Timers
  • Candy Haul Pack: $99.99
    • x5,500 Duskfall Sigils
    • x3,000 Breeding Tokens
    • x20 12h Timers

Halloween Pack Gif


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