The correct order for events

We just had a fortification event a few weeks ago. We’re haven’t had a feeding event since the beginning of the winter season. The events should rotate in order feeding, breeding, and then fortification. It makes sense to but nothing with the people who run this game makes sense or they would fix the bugs as well like they said they were going to work on this year. Continual server problems and bugs but blaming on our devices which isn’t the problem when everyone is having them. But the event order should be like that not one feeding and 4 breeding and fortification in one season. No one wants to have a base that is too strong for their dragons and is going to be our off balance if it’s not fixed. I doubt even want to participate in this fortification because I need to level my dragons more due to participating in last season’s multiple fortifications

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Would you please continue to the existing thread?

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This post is solid gold… As comedy

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I know there are plenty of these threads already, but really. How hard is it to just level your goddamn dragons?


Other than my main, other than my breeder, as long as feeding event is lurking, it’s hard :eyes:

Both of you disrupt my request…

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I generally struggle to get more than 40m food in feeding, and I have over 120m food worth of hungry useless dragons just from doing some gold runs and the like with them. Never held back a good dragon for a second for feeding, and lack of dragons to feed has never been a issue past level 80 or so.


As a simpleton who’s unable to even use the basic search function, I really don’t think you should try calling other people names… It just embarasses you more.

So either you’re a moron for not feeding the dragons you need to level, or you’re a moron for bringing up needing to level your dragons because it has nothing to do with feeding events.

Now try posting about evolution stones for old dragons, we haven’t had one of those for nearly half a day as well.

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As @OrcaFrost so kindly linked, there I already is a thread open about this… please continue the discussion there.