The Cosmic Orrery

The Orrery is broken, in a sense that my level 80 CO performs better than a majority of my level 120 towers.
That isn’t even the major issue though, it’s the absurd fact that you’re able to have 8 of them on your base at a time, 2 for a long kill.
Facing one on a long kill is frustrating, but two!? I might as well not even fly the base, because there is no point. I’ll be rage blocked and pulled through faster than I can take out the tower thats shielding the other towers, making it impossible for me to do, well, anything. Oh, and then I have to do it again! :smiley:

Is anyone else seeing the absurdity in this or am I alone?

Edit: I am not asking for a nerf. I am asking that they are limited like the howie where you can only have one per perch coverage area.


Git gud



Like the words of someone who literally cant see the bigger picture of something other than hunter and invoker:
OReeeeeeRy is toToalLy bAlAnCe . U JuST cAnt FlY, JuST Fly Hunter/InVOkeR , Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
It’s not like we have some other class to balance or something


We should at least make it so there can only be 1 per perch area. Even on top of that some balancing tweaks wouldn’t be out of order.


Fite meh

I actually have less trouble w it w Quasar than I do w phasma :grimacing:

Definitely needs this


Idk what u guys are talking about. Doesn’t bother me at all.

Ok jokes over. It’s broken. If shields, adds health, has 100m more hp then a maxed earth with 2 exotic runes/glyphs and a mythic. Pulls you in. Is tied with the howy for longest fire range, no war up time though. Has the highest fire rate of any tower in the game; and stops rage gen, basically making it a white mage. It’s so small you can hide it behind other towers, making it almost impossible to kill.


MALIKHighly Skeptical

Feb 8

There are a couple spells that slow a dragons flight speed such as flash that already can counter the orrey and we didn’t see players complaining those dragons are to OP!?
The meta is moving forward to allow for the next generation of dragons because what we are attacking is as important as what we are attacking with!
Yep exactly like offense and defense on that map the dragons and the towers are in equilibrium so if we cry every time something is added how are our dragons going to be designed!?
Like crap that’s how!!
So yes the orrey is a difficult and challenging addition to today’s meta but soon we will need that tower to drop the next seasons divines this is why pg can’t balance a good set of divine dragons each season because we cry about advancing the meta!

Sorry if we want well designed dragons we have to let the bases occasionally pass them in strength and variety.
So one we can have more powerful dragons and two so pg can more easily balance them so please quit asking for this tower to be nerfed!

I want a decent set of divines next season and this tower allows room for their design!
So suck it up and learn to work around it till the dragons evolve!
Pretty please with sugar on top! :rofl:


They might actually be able to design a balanced sorcerer or warrior moving forward if we don’t cry about this tower :man_shrugging:
I would really like to see the classes become more viable but pg can’t just make an op sorcerer or warrior because we will have a nuclear meltdown! :exploding_head:

And so they have to adjust the towers first to create the need for a
more powerful sorcerer or warrior so they aren’t precived as OP !


Because that is not OP. A spell which helps a dragon out is not classified as “OP”. A slow-down spell merely slows the dragon down so that they can kill more of the towers that are in front of it, but the dragon itself is still vulnerable to the shots, should the flier make a mistake or be unable to kill the towers.

Exactly because those spells were added to counter the meta and if we want better sorcerers and warriors moving forward we can’t stand in the way of meta progression :man_shrugging:
Is this tower currently balanced? Absolutely not!
Is that on purpose? I believe so :+1:
Will it allow design room? I sure hope so :rofl:

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What I don’t like about it is a lot of other spells don’t really prevent CO effects such as invincibility or magic barrier. It’s range and firing speed also make it so that spells from the flash freeze family can’t reach it before it’s hit you at least once.

Perhaps Malik has a point that it’s part of the normal power creep and new Meta spells will be able to handle it better, but currently it’s way out of balance.


I’ve found ways to work around the CO if there is one. I’m mostly concerned about the fact that people can build multiple per perch area. Reducing it like the howie would balance out its ridiculousness a bit more.

I also agree it may be moving to a slow down heavy spell Meta, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that at current state, it’s a headache for good fliers, and a nightmare for average ones.


All I’m hearing is build 5 on 1 island


:100: it definitely needs restrictions!


I will concede to the fact that multiple per perch zone is a bit over the top currently!
And maybe after the dragons have a chance to catch up that will be doable but currently multiple orrey does seem a bit to much :sunglasses::+1:


While it would be nice to limit the number per perch from now, I agree, it’s already too late for those who already built more.
Taking them out will most probably be the cause of rage over “you nerfed my base! I spent money on it! I quit” topic.

This is what happens when PG releases a new tower without soliciting feedback. What happened to a “tower preview Q and A”? There was definitely one when the pylon was introduced. The CO rollout just felt like a badly designed cash grab to me.

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With the release of the Orrey’s Gal said that “we know that a new building material isn’t ideal but it’s necessary for stuff we’re doing in the future” (paraphrasing ofc), and i have to wonder how that will play in.
Because as I see it there is no well reasoned argument for Orrey’s being balanced, and from a design perspective I don’t know how they could make it into the game as they are unless pg has some plan to start ramping up the power level of the meta faster than before.

Even without looking at the issue of how many Orrey’s can be placed, they are borderline OP. Pretty definitively the most powerful tower to be released, as it requires a lot more work to overcome them with most dragons, and some dragons lacking in certain spell kit mechanics have no chance whatsoever. With looking at the number of Orreys and concentration of Orreys that can be placed…yeah they’re OP. But I can’t imagine pg accidentally making them this broken i have to think it’s intentional


I agree​:+1:It seems intentional on their part and when you see no pg response to a active thread it normally means they have done it intentionally and don’t wish to discuss why currently :man_shrugging:
And yes it’s profitable to release content this way :rofl: