The cost of the new season

with this season I noticed a substantial increase in the amount of glory needed for the completion of one of the prize lines. This has put non atlas elite in the situation of not being able to complete even one full prize line. I train troops and fly a lot in atlas but struggled to get enough glory to get to the ring prize in the gear line. I can understand adding bonus ranks but to punish non pay to play dragon lords through a 1/4 increase in cost to advance has me less than enthusiastic about playing in atlas. I have up until this season been able to complete 1 prize line in Atlas. With the alienation of those who cannot pay to play in Atlas is disturbing and should be considered before applying the increase. Changes like this make me less inclined to encourage others to play.


The overall prize-cost stayed the same.
For 4 pieces of Elite-Gear you needed 329.250 Badges, so about 610k Glory.
For 4 pieces of Elite-Gear this season you also need 329.250 Badges (again: ca. 610k Glory).

Stop whining. Look at him: Glory Farming Strategy explained - first season 1.6 M glory free to play
He is free to play and finished the rider. Not saying it is easy - but it never was. Nothing really changed in terms of cost.


I’m not seeing that I saw the number of badges required to finish the line to 12k from 9k. So yes the lines did increase in cost plus making the rider unavailable if you don’t want armor. I’m perfectly happy with legendary crafted gear.

Well now you can craft elite gear and claim shards instead of the armor pieces :upside_down_face:

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You did notice we went from two pieces per line to four pieces per line, right? And guess what, a four-piece line costs exactly the same as two of the old two-piece lines.

Also a bit late with this complaint aren’t you? Next season has a separate rider line again so everyone can get him cheap with blue shards. The mythic gear is now what’s locked behind the elite lines. And it’s still not more expensive.

Lol all i can say its easy

I don’t find it easy I’ve tried the guys method for glory farming and my troops are wiped before I can finish my attack. So I lose troops and bad glory at The cf that is Al…

While frustrating, that’s all part of the game. Get together with your team and hunt other teams. It’s often more successful with a few friends tagging along. Don’t tell anyone this secret but there is power in numbers. Good luck next season.


:speak_no_evil: You kinda spoiled your own secret :rofl:


Forum math :man_facepalming:

Even just a pair of hunters is so much better that solo.

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What? :rofl:

For straight glory/hr I prefer hunting solo… I find being in groups typically slows things down.


It takes practice and you have to be quick, if you’re getting wiped out too fast, stick to taking only about 2-3k troops and wait for a target with about 10k + troops or for a target that you see just arrived. You have to be quick of course, but that’s the game.

Super easy to get glory… I don’t have atlas elite by the way.
I’m around 2.1m glory obtained for this season which is 2 full lines and bits and pieces of lines I wanted because I didn’t need another rider. You can do this easily by just attacking in atlas maybe 3-5 times a day which is literally what 15 minutes of your time. You just have to be quick and know how to attack and when.
If this doesn’t work for you, you can always ask your team about throwing a party in atlas if you know what I mean.


Personally, if the cost of elite gear is the same as the last season, I prefer to achieve it like last season.
Yeah, it’s super easy to win around 100 chests in just a few attacks per day, Ya-Ya.
I would love to kill with just doing 1attack to one player all those standing in red area with just 1 troop per long, it’s annoying spending time finding someone to attack and there are only primachs with 1 troop. We should be rewarded for killing also all of them. :sob:

people think just because they cannot do it that it must be a spending thing.
Well it’s not…

I spend nothing in Atlas & mythic gear with primarch buffs is very possible.
Of course Atlas elite is forced on us but that is it.

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Your statement contradicts itself.

Spending on Atlas Elite is spending in Atlas.

Spending is more generally associated with $1000 a month pack shopping, e2p players are generally not considered spenders.