The crystal HPs are too low - crystal caves

It’s the second 3 crystals, most of the members can’t even attack, i believe this going to be in a better condition in the 2nd and 3rd phases but…

EDIT: So there are 2 suggestions i can give is

  • increasing the HP of most little crystals Hp
  • reducing the re-appear time according to the size of the crystals

please use this for crystal caves thank you @moderators

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So far, I have only encountered “Small” size crystals. My solution is to have “Medium” size crystals in rotation more often. For I agree, the small size offers so little hp that they don’t take long at all the conquer, and after there is a long cooldown to boot :unamused:

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I agree… the crystal is to quick destroyed! After 2minutes u have to wait 13…3 or 4 can do Mega…and all other r getting all back… :face_vomiting:.

it does speed up time when you claim all 3

When you fight against PvE of course :rofl:

I don’t know if i am right but there is a certain time for every crystals which i believe 15mins for the little ones, if you destroy one in 13 minutes it takes 2 minutes to reappear. Can you send a link or quote for that? I mean the about the speed up

The issue is being resolved for us with the time, i mean the people started to finish their 10xs and energys, the rest of the crystals will be enough to attack for everyone i believe but i don’t know about the higher activity teams

I don’t even get the concept.

So me and another guy walk into a cave.

We see a shiny crystal.

To destroy /claim the crystal we have to beat each other up?

How does that even make any sense with regards to destroying or claiming a crystal? :smiley:

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You and an enemy of 147 generations both carefully sneak into the damp cave that is covered in crystals from head to toe!
You and your team round the corner, anticipating the worst! But no, the largest and most prized crystal lay in the middle of the cavern.
Too lazy now so yada yada something happens you see your enemy, fight for the crystal, winner lives and keeps it and what lies inside:


I hate it i have zero warrior to fly in the event

PG should hire you to do the event write ups!!

That rundown sold the concept to me anyway :slight_smile:

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