The current Gold Economy


Just wanting to get the forum communities feedback on the current gold levels:

  • Too much gold?
  • Too little gold?
  • Just the right amount of gold?

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Bit skewed atm as everyone is upping infrastructure. Voted anyways :+1:


Not sure why every attack gets you less and less gold?
Don’t you want us to keep playing?

At the point when you get 5000 gold I quit! What’s the point?
If I want to do 200 attacks on a weekend I shouldn’t get less and less!


IMO poachers need to be taxed again! All we can do is tax mines but the higher we tax them the less appealing to hit especially if you get the same gold from poachers + shards.

Poachers not getting taxed in Atlas

@Snowb1 Like dragon XP multipliers … you get a LOT more for the first hits every day.

@BAZ1NE Maybe. It’s hard to set up a roaming tax office at every poacher though :p. More seriously, I’m not sure if the difference is interesting or just annoying yet … having options isn’t a terrible thing (mines have some advantages too … they’re always there AND they pay out bonus XP which is especially great for baby dragons).

@Panda This poll’s results would’ve been quite different a month or so, huh? :slight_smile: Since then, the tweaks to let grinders more strongly compete have increased the number of troops that can be trained each day (bumped up gold demand, and at least partially offset by the increased multipliers from 8 to 20 and the reduction in gold cost for healing troops and the moving of the troop gold training cost buff into the troop time training cost buff).


Definitely saw a change after trainable troops were upped and we also have everyone trying to build on new land so there’s a pretty significant general shortage right now. Yes it should get better over time but right now it really sucks lol. I liked being able to attack players and get good gold that way cause it was far less boring


That’s why I suggested to show the gold in raids. Save people time and heals :man_shrugging:


Any chance we could get displaying raidable gold bumped up the priority chart a bit? Probably better to have a tighter gold economy vs a month ago when it was as annoying as wood outside fortification, but having to raid blind is also super annoying. Imagine needing food and having to roll the dice every attack–gets old fast.


Hi Dave, nice Twitchcast yesterday… I do like the bonus xp on mines but in terms of the current gold deficit I’d vote in favor of taxing poachers over the bonus mine xp if that is the trade off. We are barely managing upkeeps let alone paying out players to lvl Prims. My guess is other teams are experiencing similar…

Even the best “team players” are gonna build troops before donating. Plus, in the middle of a gold deficit, where everyone is hunting for gold, the current set up is such that you hit poachers or mines to get just enough gold to build troops. Then wait for your peasants to refill and repeat. That way you leave no gold to get raided…Very little left donate at the end of the day. A tax on poachers makes it more sustainable for the whole team long term.


Makes sense @BAZ1NE.

@XxSPOOKYxX The December update is over-subscribed and being locked down tomorrow, but I’ll check in and see where we stand on this for Jan.


This line

if you remove it, won’t it show raidable gold? seems like a 30 second fix.

I can’t program jack though, so might be wrong


@pgEcho Is showing gold on attack previews as simple as adjusting this?

Things sometimes aren’t as simple as they seem (e.g., even if this works we’d need to limit it to players who have Atlas unlocked) but it’d be pretty cool if you’re onto something here :D. Thanks Gox!


Would it be possible to ever make gold/shards passive like the other currencies?


Technically the passive is hats. So you would be adding a second, passively accumulating resource to an existing one. Although gold is used for more than just troop building, so you would be forced to choose.
I don’t think the current system needs changing, just the availability. Perhaps a boost to gold multipliers during training or some other periodic timing?


True…gold has been a weird hybrid. It is stored like lumber/food but it is not obtained like them?


We need:

  1. Personal vaults; or
  2. Protect amount at storage.
  3. Fixed economy aka, PG hire an economist

  1. Why do you need personal? You have a team one
  2. The entire storage is protected on your island
  3. Sounds expensive, so not gonna happen.

  1. Because with the lack of personal storage or the protection own our own storage it causes stress
  2. No, protect amount at our own storage. Not the team storage
  3. Yep, pretty much. They will keep screwing economy every time to fix in an year or more


Mostly sounds like you need better teammates haha


No comment so on that