The current hunter meta

an idea I got from looking at and talking in the off topic thread about what we would like to see in the fall season, it really has occurred to me that every hunter in my lineup except maybe hauheset and necryx (which are now borderline worthless) are basically the same thing copy and pasted. A cloak, a damage spell and a heal spell. Got me thinking if we are fans of the meta as it stands, or should we be looking to explore more into the ronin kind of hunters which didn’t use cloak?

I pretty much already threw it out but if they copied Pathox bit for bit, kept the same element, renamed the spells and the dragon name, I won’t cry. There are SO many other things PG could/should be focused on right now. I have Ronin. Don’t need another one right now.

Just some hunter that will scale up to Abysmal will do for me. :arrow_down:

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Are we flying the same hauheset?


I mean if you really drill down and look at the class designs all of the seasonal dragons tend to have very similar designs:

All warriors have: A heal spell, a damage boost, and a shield. The only difference being Chelonoth, and the mythics with Aristrat having flash and a variation on spell flux, UVS having a time shift variant Meglock having a freeze and a breath cycling spell, and Huitzil having lightning storm.

Most hunters have: A cloak, a damage boost, and a heal spell. The prime exception of course is mythics like Ronin and Pathox, although Skull & Hati and Sakura are different as well (Although that probably stems from them being festives).

Sorcerors have the most diversity, but part of that is because they have three distinct designs.

Nuker: Samhrad, Somnus, Coatl, Firefin, Corthanak, . High damage spells with some form of shield/healing. This group can have a varied design because its hard to really get it right, either its too weak (Samhrad Coatl) or too powerful (Surt) and it seems like it took PG a while to really narrow in on how to design it in a way that wasn’t imbalanced.

Summoner: Has a summon and some spells to support the summon. This is the most varied because its the least well defined, the only thing it really needs to fall in this catagory is a summon. So you see things ranging from equestor, to Hildr to Kaiji, all of which play differently.

Hunter-Lite: Has a death gaze spell (Usually white), and either a disable or a cloak, along with another spell of some form (varies based off of how exactly PG is designing them. Examples of these are Zenko, Zotz and Sylphen.

Edit: I forgot about Dreth. Dreth falls outside of the typical sorcerer design primarily because he is a combination of Hunter and Sorceror concepts, so he ends up being a fusion of a Nuker and a Hunter-lite.

With all that being said, while I definitely would like PG to expand and diversify the designs, the details of the dragons make these dragons fly very differently. Tez, Cavaleris, and Haku do not fly the same way. Their uses and their playstyles are completely different despite the basic template being the same.

uhooo ya’ll in trouble now! Lutrus coming!


Assuming that this isn’t an alt and you really are 145, this is a highly erroneous statement. If you were an near or at end game level player, then I could understand you saying that to a degree since atlas battles are so time based.
Awkward, this made me realize that have ignored a mail. Gonna fix that after this.

Anyways to your point of hunters (good hunters) having cloak, damage spell and heal actually goes even more broadly: damage/mage avoidance/mitigation, damage spell or amplifier, heal. That’s why ronin works is Bc he has all 3 of those, even though he doesn’t have cloak. Also, redrian didn’t have a heal but he was fantastic in his time Bc he had damage/mage mitigation (flash, entrap) as well as a damage spell (GO).


That looks like my cat! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Honestly I think it’s hunters that need the variety most. They are viable. And VERY similar designs come out most seasons but better because it’s good and it works. As I said in the other section. I want new styles of gameplay for these dragons that are also viable. I’m not against dragons with similar spell sets. But I want new play styles. New things to do.

I want more ronins. I want more UVS.

Warriors as a whole I feel need a class rework for their breath attack.

Sorcerers feel like that get the most variety and I want that to continue.

But I would welcome any and all VIABLE innovation on all classes. My main concern is the sheer number of avyx but better dragons we have had

I cannot comment on above obsidian dragons as I have not used them


I agree but I see where PG struggles to deliver on this point because deviation from the norm can result in failure more than success. Ronin and UVS are great examples of it going right. Cuauhtli, Zotz, and Skoll and Hati are examples where tying in different spells really did not go well. It’s much easier to release a cookie cutter hunter like Gunnar, which people will claim and use, than to release something unique like Zotz that people will see as trash (except for… a person). It’s a very delicate place to try and overlap spells since it can go wrong more easily than it can go right.

I don’t think there can ever really be a shift in meta where hunters stop being the most viable class simply because of the way the classes are designed and the way the base meta changed. Considering bases are now aimed towards high-damage output with flaks, warriors cannot simply tank through. Sorcerers get rage drained too easily. Hunters are made with both of those things in mind which is why they have continuously come out superior.

I think UVS was a great step in the right direction. PG is starting to realize that warriors simply can’t be expected to tank through a base anymore. They need a mechanic that can mitigate or dodge damage. They further improved upon this with Meglok, who can freeze shots. I think things could be improved with sorcerers though, as Zenko was a decent mythic but its spells were too hunter-like without the burst damage to sustain it. It kind of seems like they’re trying to replace the class with invokers, who seem more to me like sorcerers 2.0 than hunter + sorcerer combination.

She has cloak, damage boost, heal, that’s not different. No other comment, just correcting that.

@Fox yes we are using the same hauheset lol. As for you lutrus, I respect your expertise flying hunters and am nowhere near as good, but my comment is based purely off of 2 things, 1. The war changes make hauheset a last ditch option for war. 2. Atlas does not give nearly enough time to setup and finish. As fun as it is to randomly smack a base 200 levels above me with hauheset and enki, it’s hardly useful in anything but events, unfortunately given time restraints, I’d rather get 5 less points and finish a base in 2 mins than get 5 more points and take 5 mins per attack.

I exclusively fly set up dragons in pvp events. Granted it’s one of the very few things that keep me from uninstalling currently :thinking:

and here I thought it was my cutting wit and thrilling cat memes… :exploding_head:

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That’s why I still come to the forums :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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