The Death of Passive Events

My team and I are Totally sick of Passive Events that have us scrambling like chickens for minute amounts of food / lumber. It’s degrading and I get the feeling that the PG staff are laughing their heads off watching us scramble.

No one actually gets to build anything cause there is simply not enough woood around. I need over 250k for most buildings and the amounts available after the first hour are lucky to be over 10k per attack. Accumulating rss only makes you a target. My entire team is with me on this!

So stick that useless Fort event. I do my building outside the event. Exception being shards etc, which can be used only once and then we’re stymied again by lack of wood.

We need a Team Bank. And the so-called ‘Protected’ portion to be actually protected! We need to be able to create our own lumber packs and food packs. If we could do that one thing, the event could be viable again.


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I’m sorry, that actually made me laugh. Just wait till each upgrade is 1 mil plus wood.

As @Atops most helpfully posted, being on for the start of the event helps a ton. Get most of your attacks in then. Use lumber boost to boost your lumber production and “protection”* Then you can ask for resources as you’re hunting, bounce or swap wood with someone so your wood is safe while you hunt and remember that later in the weekend is when everyone is mostly out of timers and wood is abounding.

Plus according to PG’s stream, there will be quests to do as you hunt and when you’re done with the event, so that’s something to look forward too as well.

Be smart about and it’s very rewarding.


Right the 1m lumber sucks lol

L. O. L.

Poor you.

How about working with your team to shuffle resources around? There are obviously ways to circumvent the snicker lumber shortage cause well, no one would ever level up if there wasn’t :rofl::man_facepalming:

Yes but if you search for a while there is always someone who messed up and will give more like 20-50k. Bookmark them and now you have a rss base

Sigh… save up your packs and only use them during fort. Same as timers. And production boosts. You can still upgrade outside of fort, but save everything useful (timers, packs, and boosts) except for the wood it takes to upgrade. And for creating your own… not going to happen

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This thread. :joy::joy::joy:


Wait until they find out there is a “team bank” in Atlas.
I have a box of tissues ready…

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Yeah, but you gotta own land for that :man_shrugging:


I wasn’t gonna say it… :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah I actually don’t find that funny… just another totally unfair advantage of the privileged few


Fort is my prefer event. DONT TOUCH IT :slight_smile:

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250k wood


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Is good advice.

You can’t make packs, unfortunately… But you can save them.

A tactic that’s worked really well for me is…Just wait. Wait until most players burn through their speedups (fort) or leveled their dragons (feed). I’ve found that resources get MUCH more plentiful by Sunday afternoon PG Standard Time (PST).


Except food never bounces back until a day or so after feeding finishes, at least for the higer level players. Problem is that there are always dragons to feed, even if it’s just perch dragons. With fort people run out of timers, or reach the level they were planning on stopping at anyway.


This works well for me for Fort but not as much in feed as everyone just stuffs their food in their perches even if they’re leveling dragons. I actually enjoy hunting wood in fort for some weird reason, but I also don’t care about leveling fast. I put my head phones in, music on, go to work :sunglasses:


Given the short time between our replies, I wonder who started typing theirs first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your reply was NOT there when I sent mine! Swearsies!

I know :blush: I just happened to finish my reply mere moments before you finished yours :laughing: