The Ditry Truth About Atlas


lol it’s been so long you forget. Wolf was the leader. You’re losing your touch.

If you’re really not sure message her🤷‍♂️ But she had stepped down by that time.


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fair enough Panda, i also have no interest in arguing. most teams just assume NMO was always on the boarders “bullying” and i just wanted to give Geeeeze some context. A lot happened when it was still just “beta” that set up the map the way it is now.


I won’t begin to speak to their mindset completely. But I will say the issue I see. The game fucking rewards it. That’s a problem. You can’t set mechanics that support an action then seemingly denounce it when people do it either. I don’t agree with doing it but that’s a personal choice. As far as the developers go, if you want to make a giant Conest of Assholeness. Just come out and say it.


But it doesn’t anymore… they limited the number they can take…

The problem is it doesn’t encourage other teams to take it from them… and them from you for that matter… THATS the problem.


On a macro level it still rewards. Just look at the performance metrics


But i think it should… If the game did a better job to encourage others to fight for it.

If such mechanics were in place and they could still hold it they should be rewarded for it.

I am merely proposing they fix the other end of the problem. Dont fix the reward for holding a bunch of land, make the feat itself more demanding to justify the reward.

Anyways I am off. i dont expect you to agree with my take on it.


Nah I agree. The incentives are horrible. Let’s say a level 5 is 10x harder than a level 2 to take. The reward is like 2:1 so it makes more sense to take a 2. That’s a PG thing.


I’m not concerned with the history or the politics of it…and I’m not bashing NMO… I didn’t even mention them in my original post. I’m saying if PG implemented the changes I outlined…right now…it would remove all benefit from holding those lands and in turn spark the rewards for challenging teams for higher level land. That would achieve what u said you’d like to see. It would also make holding large quantities of higher level land harder. At the very least more expensive.


from what I heard from some people is that high ranking teams tend to hit back when someone tries to steal those level 2 lands. Might have spread that other teams are not taking any chances because of that high ranking team retaliates, there goes their troops that they built for a long time.

Don’t know about now since castle guards is now based on team glory, but teams won’t mess with high ranking team because they don’t benefit much if that team does multiple attack on random member of the other team trying to conquer the level 2 land.


Yep. I’ve heard a few teams that will wipe you out completely for attacking them at all - in atlas or even through regular matchmaking. Not sure how true that is, but then again, not worth the risk of finding out.


teams hitting those other team will lose more because their way of revenge is more like “You’ll be forced to quit atlas if you go against us”


I heard that if you take the square of the number of castles you own, divide it by the level of the land (averaged), multiply it by the factorial of your team’s game ranking, and then take the cube root and divide by pi, you can know what your troop payout will be on days that are prime.




I always do the math.

But sometimes, I do make stuff up too. :wink:


i have had atlas since the nov rollout i think it was. these are observations/opinions from a lower level etp only.

i have pretty much hated it since i was granted access. I kept telling myself it will get more fun; nope. Well it will get more fun with new rollouts to more teams; nope, just more game crashes on big battles. I am waiting to see with this new rollout but have a feeling this team ranking is gonna be absolute BS from what i see clicking on primarks of teams ranked above and below us and looking at what glory payout would be.

Holding land is good but also just a massive pain in the arse. The bank is nice. The extra tokens are nice, but the amount of grinding required is starting to wear on me. I can rush 6 of my easy egg missions and get same egg tokens. Gold is always in short supply. To many gold upgrades and not enough gold around. And as a player that previous to atlas never farmed players, atlas has turned me into a “dirty” player. if i hit someone with a good gold payout; i am gonna hit you to i bleed you dry. sorry. and i will hit you in a few days again to see if your holding

The shard payouts are a bloody joke. And the infrastructure upgrade costs for what you get are a joke. Add that to trying to get to all territories to get shards is a bloody waste of time; especially with portals not working all the time and no new ones able to be built. Team payouts on shards in atlas events are a bloody joke (with the exception of the kingpin event; but that event is costly on troops without revives).

the extra xp is nice, but i can honestly say with a controlled play style i don’t need it. Sure on some of those breed events when trying to level a bird in a few days the extra is nice; but once again i have never needed. the xp bases themselves are the epitome of boring and really do not ‘help’ you to learn to fly your dragons. i still prefer to run most xp on other xp bases or players once birds are able to do so. if invader had some bases like this last pve component it might be more interesting; but what the hell is the point running a long base with no new towers; boring…

also i have had atlas for maybe 5 months give or take a month. my hunter rider is level 44 and no point taking further as it has max damage and health components done. my defensive rider is 43 and will be done shortly. i have the glory to max, just need to wait on more rider shards. so i am pretty much done with riders other than gear. i will not waste my time on a stupid warrior or sorcerer rider i will never use. So really a large component of atlas events will become useless to me.

as a low level player that controls my level, i have a massive surplus of glory on all my primarks and no longer even need to use them to gain more glory since it will be eons before i can have storage to fully utilize all that glory without having to use gems.

so all in all after 5 months i have little need to do much in atlas other than build troops, and wtf is the point of that when i no longer need glory. i have build well, well over 200k troops and will just keep building i guess. but i see absolutely no incentive to risk those troops… for the time i have put in

and i have now tried teams building, established beta team, and several landless teams. and each still has benefits and downsides.

oh yah, and atlas battles are a massive, massive drain on consumables.


I don’t think that Atlas was ready to be released tbh
First of all we should have add more random teams from lower leagues and see how they will deal with each other
Try different wars to build it
And after that release for everyone
I remember that huge amount of work,which Dave did and I’m really impressed
But Atlas unstable those days
I’m not talking only about bugs,which makes major changes in battles between teams
Sometimes PG changing/balancing stuff so much,that I’m not even sure,if I want to build/lvl up anything
Next week it could be changed and all effort,which team putting will be pointless
Maybe they should work on currently troubles more before releasing any new futures(Especially wars,since we have tons of awful battle glitches)


I dont think hitting people for RSS is a “dirty” player… it is a war game, you are suppose to hit people for RSS…


well, i never used to hit a player more than once, then move on. now, if i hit and you have a good gold payout, i will hit again, and possibly again. And if I hit a few times with a good gold payout that just means you’ve made my bookmark list, and will see me again, and again. i know i shouldn’t feel bad, but somehow i do.