The Ditry Truth About Atlas


Hey folks,

Please keep it constructive. Being critical of the game or specific features is fine, but calls to quit or seek refund because you don’t like a specific feature aren’t constructive and don’t help.



Youre not even in the team anymore. Stop being an apologist. They lost fair and square, and frankly some of those excuses are plain made up. You’re the first one to give people shit for whinging in a war game about being hit, so don’t.


I think a lot of the hardship comes from…what is considered “reasonable” from each side. That gap has gotten pretty far with the recent moves.


Oh i wasn’t complaining. You guys did it well. I admire how well you have maneuvered in Atlas. I just keep hearing people complain that all NMO does is bully small teams as though that is all they have ever done. which is simply not the case, they were nearly wiped out and send to the corner of the map where they had to reestablish themselves (yes where some small teams were). Since then they have gone for higher level land, but again have been beaten back by you guys… again well done.

But what exactly is made up?


Color me pink. :man_cartwheeling:


Idk why this analogy only occurred to me now…but the best way to describe Atlas is to says it’s like a Cold War. Everyone stock piles troops and builds up their infrastrucure, and does very little fighting except for proxy wars :joy:


It is also a joke how PG chose to let the largest teams spend months in Atlas getting stronger.

I do not mean gaining land, glory and ranking. I mean getting stronger. Leveling up Riders and Primarchs not to mention leveling gear.

LOL, a level 300 is already stronger than a 200 but letting that 300 get to such great levels of gear and riders that make season event riders look like cheap rag dolls does not make sense.


As Prince John from the Disney Robin Hood says, “Rob the poor to feed the rich, eh Sir Hiss?”


True, not exactly comparable, but the “hardships” of being in beta or of even being in the first non-beta wave of Atlas access are rather minimal in comparison to be thenfits. It’s certainly not the teams’ fault… It is a very poor way to have a “beta.” And that is entirely on PG.


As someone with day 1 beta access, it’s funny seeing these topics with things that we strenuously objected to on the old forums get relitigated over and over again. We repeatedly said it was a bad idea not to have a separate test server, with assets generated for testing and an eventual reset. But PG had other plans and the final vote on the matter. As an aside, the “rewards” truly were absolute garbage for the vast majority of beta (primarchs were a rather late stage development too), yet you’d be surprised how many rubies were funneled into a black hole (or maybe not).


100% agree man.

It was a way to generate revenue for something that didn’t even exist yet (or barely existed).

It was not a true beta at all.


I can’t speak for anyone else, obviously, but I for one don’t blame the teams who had access to the “beta” for what it was and the divide it helped to spur.

I absolutely blame PG for that bullshit.