The Draconic chests

So when the festive comes out will the draconic chests be the same price ? :thinking:

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We don’t know yet, Galileo will probably make a thread about it sooner or later.


Yes, they will come back.
How much they cost… who knows?

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They should make it 10 chests for 200 sigils! And if they do, I will forgive 95% of all the not so great things PG has done.


woahwoahwoah slow down… would you settle for 9.5%?

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That’s insane… nothing they can do at this point will make up for how badly they messed up this once great game. But I agree them doing that will be a fun start :joy:

Yeah, I’m definitely more forgiving than you. :rofl:


1 draconic give around 20 sigils so 10 Will give 200~ so basically you can almost loop infinite for rss

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Shhh, don’t tell them that! I want Gal’s rate of building! :joy:


They said during the live stream that the festive would function the same way with the 500 sigil draconic chests at the end. Then again this is PG so those could be bronze chests now


You are crazy. They’d create a whole different type of chest that has 1/10 the drops of bronze

Tinfoil Chests?


How about .95%? :joy:
In my opinion, Draconic Chests are worthless as there is the mere probability that you will be given Hueso Shards. :eyes:Honestly gold chests are better I think.

I guess it’s allowed to have opinions that directly oppose facts and numbers. Just hope nobody takes it as a form of advice.


Depends really. Im thinking I may go for the festive chests this time since spring should be starting off with breeding before we can open our gold chests during a pvp but it doesnt matter what event you open Drac chests during. It’ll really all depend on how they handle them with the multiple dragon shards in them.


What about after getting all the hueso shards? :wink:

You really do need a balance of both. Drac chests did wonders for my PvP consumables but did not really help me complete discount dragons. Gold chests were the big work horses in that regard.

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Sure, draconic chests aren’t the universal solution to everything. But to dismiss them just because they contain Hueso shards like the post I responded to is staggeringly ignorant. Might as well refuse to open gold chests because they contain healing potions you don’t need.


While you are at it, silver chests should never be opened because they contain ballista runes.


:scream: you are totally correct no more mythic ammo hunting, I dont want all the diluted stuff aswell