The Dragon’s Den

This thread is for people to submit their videos/pictures of their dragons whilst in the den to observe their fidget animations or to examine the models!





And sigurd, for some reason it wouldn’t let me upload 3 images on the same reply

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Man you’ve been here for a looong time :joy:






Kullecid was the first divine that I had lots of passion for and found lots of joy in flying. He was an absolute powerhouse, both pre-nerf and post-nerf. Unfortunately, I only managed to reach his Platinum stone. I would be totally in favor of him being resurrected.


Hauhezen was my first mythic. He is my favorite dragon. He has changed my gaming experience in ways of which I cannot explain. I wouldn’t be hitting very high (both setup and with ammo, as his boosted ammo and breath attack during the cloak enables me to hit up 4 tiers, often endgame towers, as an Abyssal divine) if I had never gotten him.


This is the best of this season’s legendary divines in my most honest opinion. Sekhet is a very unique warrior, and I have quite enjoyed him the few times I have flown him. He is actually the first legendary warrior that I have ever enjoyed, as I did not find much joy in flying Haku, Hyaku, Chelonoth, etc.


Nebulon is my favorite of all invokers that I have (yet not my favorite of all invokers in the game). He is a very enjoyable, balanced dragon.


Sakura was the first festive (on this account) that I had ever even decided to go for. She was a very powerful dragon in the right hands. I was not able to finish her branch due to an inability to log into the game for the last two weeks of her season. This was the result of my careless choice to log into an older account on the same device as this one. It was a deliberate action, and I knew of the consequences, yet I proceeded anyway (regretting it later on). Support took two weeks to fix the issue, but I managed to get back into the game just hours before the first event of the following season had begun. Unfortunately, due to that minor mishap, I only managed to attain her blue stone, but she is a great alternative in events when I fail with Chunk.


Kull :heart_eyes:

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Here we have Marav, the Venerated Spirit. He was my first ever divine, as well as my first ever invoker. Flying him is quick and straightforward, and he still is one of my most often - used dragons. However, if you can’t one - clip the blue mage, you’re done for.


Can I request some full - body Helminn pics pls? Hail our Parasitic Lord!

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Welcome to dragon presentation :joy::joy::joy:

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Dreth in my den who does barrel rolls

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Post. Now.

Idk why but apparently either my dragon is shy or Dreth barrel rolling has a very low rate of happening

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I love him

Like this?


Yess! Exactly!

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My Second Mythic, after I Spent all of my first real season chasing equestor.


Lyth! The oldest divine :eyes:


It looks as if it was supposed to look like cynder from Spyro the dragon Fandom but since the parasite got into his organs it extended its mouth by doing facial damage due to mental and medical conditions.

Edit: then again the parasite must have hide into some sort of food source it was about to eat.