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That’s a legendary :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Next you’ll say kinnarus is a legendary

Because it is :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No it’s not…

What !?! :rofl::rofl::rofl: is your phone bugged and you never repaired it? Either that PG needs to fix crap cause that thing is legendary not mythic idk of the server was smoking crack or something like that but it should have been legendary even if it is in emerald cause it can’t read crap.


This is probably a dragon I’d like to be resurrected even though it probably be trash in today’s meta

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Loovee the Dodos! Supeer cutee! Only that I’m not a good photographer! Lolss


Etzel is soo unique! I’d like to think he should’ve been the first Invoker, rather than a Sorcerer!


I’m such a huge fan of dragons in tandem! Hopefully more of their kind in game soon!


Actually kinnarus was part of the summer collection where all the legendaries acquired mythic status once hitting a certain level in emerald. It’s not a bug.


Brand new boi

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How ?

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It’s cuz it ends off requiring a mythic emerald to reach its max level. So by the end of its leveling life it has achieved mythic emerald status. But! It is not considered the seasonal mythic, that honour belongs to merkt

I think eidolon explained it well here.

It’s essentially a dragon that has achieved mythic stats. So basically the answer to “is kinnarus a mythic” is really, no but yes. :sweat_smile:

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Weird PG really needs to fix their heads at that time cause legendary is like saying dear god turn Chelonoth into a mythic immediately too :joy::joy::joy::joy: no problems

Anything about Axi being at mythic status though too?

Pretty sure it was only a feature for that specific summer season because all the dragons had their spells changed in the middle of the season. So I believe the mythic status was added to make up for that. Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken…that season was waaaay too long ago lol.


Yes, that’s correct!

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That’s what I was getting confused on!

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This is how I recall it, also.

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New bois
Also can I make a request for a Cephoth den pic?

I tried… he’s not very pretty/easy to take pics of