The dreaded "Finish Now" button

It’s happened to many, and today it happened to me. I grazed the “Finish Now” button in the incubator when adding in a couple timers and lost 6k+ rubies. I sent in a ticket to support hoping to pass along my consternation and got hit with what was most likely an auto-reply about how they can’t compensate every mistake.

To be clear, I’m not looking for compensation.

It’s just frustrating that this happened, particularly since I’ve been saving my rubies up for the sigil chests, and even more frustrating because this has been a known issue for quite awhile and shouldn’t still be happening. C’mon PG, it can’t be THAT hard to add in a “Are you sure?” prompt before dumping thousands of hard-earned rubies :grin:

And hey, maybe you guys are planning to fix it with the upcoming UI change, but PLEASE add in a prompt ASAP if at all possible. It’s happened to me and others, and NEXT TIME IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUUUUU~ :skull_and_crossbones::skull:


From what I’ve heard you can ask them to roll back your account 12 or 24 hours.

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I’d prefer using the other button due to this…
That said, I agree that a dialog should have been triggered for this action. We’re asked this question each time we use our valuable 12h. The question should appear when even more valuable resources is used…


The button is hidden unless the user doesn’t have timer.

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This is not a feasible solution. For someone like me that plays a lot, that could be 150+ chests on top of losing xp runs, progress with building timers, research, etc.

The point is that this should be a non-issue, since it shouldn’t be possible to just accidentally spend two event’s worth of rubies because my pinky hit the wrong part of the screen :grin::skull:


Oh I understand, I’ve done the same thing once. Just letting you know there is an option. But I do wish they’d have more failsafes.

It would be nice to have a pop up that asks if you are sure with the finish now button like the basically useless one for using 12 hour timers

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This also happens without confirmation for clearing the fog (or did, not sure about anymore but guessing it hasn’t changed) :cry:

Great suggestion.

Sadly this has been suggeated a thousand times and ignored a thousand times.

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Agree totally.

I’ve done the same and it is easy to do especially when you are using 12hr timers manually and keep getting a prompt to give permission to use the time when the yes response nearly perfectly aligns with the finish now button.



It’s happened to me twice while using the 12 hour timers. Both times I sent support tickets hoping they might roll back or take the timer in exchange for rubies accidentally used but both replies from them was “Sorry nothing we can do” type answers.

They need to add a confirmation button and not just take your rubies. When you’re buying 10 Gold Chests there is a confirmation button. So it’s not impossible to add it.

They need a thousand guinee pigs to cry out, then they will implement action.

why do people use the 12hr timer button? Just use the apply multiple button and call it a day. I never understand peoples fascination with it, or the clicking the 1 minute timer button 10,000 times to use those timers.


In my case, I just accidentally grazed the “finish now” with my pinky when looking at the specifics of how much time was left - I wasn’t even using 12 hour timers :unamused:

Because we have at least a touch of OCD :upside_down_face:

because the multiple didn’t always work right in the past. AFAIK, these days it works great, though. I use it almost exclusively.

My team leader dropped his phone and while catching it in the air he pressed it by accident xd.

The “apply multiple button” has not always made best use of timers. Taking a bigger timer then was necessary.

There have been 2 instances of this being true:

  1. A long time ago when the algorithm wasn’t fully correct
  2. When you don’t have enough smaller timers by doing something stupid like using all of your 1-3-15 minute timers so the algorithm has to finish it off with a 30 min or 1 hour timer

Neither of them are a problem these days if you consistently use the apply multiple button


Just fecking did it again. I HATE THIS!

Dear PG,

You’ll add a confirmation screen in the next update.

That is all.