The event won’t start for some players why please fix it for everyone

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Why isn’t the event started for all players

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The event for the pit event won’t show up for some of the other players please fix this issue

The fighting phase doesn’t start for anybody for another 30 minutes. If different players on your team are seeing different issues you should give more detail about what you’re seeing.

Yeah, Fighting starts in 14 minutes.

Are you referring to the different leagues or members of the same team? :thinking:

Whenever u hit … it’s getting restarted… please fix the issue

Players are unable to load game. Or sit on a loading screen to go into event for upwards of 20 minutes. Others still can’t attack or even see other teams to launch an attack! These issues need fixed. How can we trust the upcoming atlas changes when all events have been glitched! @PGGalileo