The ever present but often overlooked issues

There’s always talk about scaling, balance, UI, etc, but there’s an area that really needs a lot of focus: app and service stability and reliability.

Recently this area has really tanked. I got a good 10 white screen 500 series errors last night alone.

The app is crashing FAR more frequently than ever before.

Memory leaks are still an issue, but you crash so often, they don’t have long to build up.

Failed to set up Atlas occurs more often now than ever before. Also, the timeout when completing an Atlas run is extremely common.

Just getting Atlas to pull down the local data to draw the castle so you can move there or get the details is often a lengthy frustration involving an app relaunch.

All these combine to make for a highly unstable and unreliable app that is just plain difficult to use.

It’s not just me, I hear many complain about such things all the time. It really does prevent people from enjoying the improvements that are implemented as well as helps foster negativity in the user base.

FWIW: iPad Air 2 w/latest iOS 12.

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I’ve seen about 1,000 posts about this in this forums already and PG ignored all of it but at least you tried.

Was your experience better today?
Mine was, no errors at all. Maybe someone pushed the button “deploy more servers” today

Wife quit playing after 2 years because Android problems. My IPhone(s) 5,6,7 don’t have much issue :fist::fist::evergreen_tree:.

Do you play atlas ?

Nope, if that causes issues with an iPhone then I might have to switch my viewpoint from “when the team gets there” to “no thanks”. Wrong of me to call it karma? Lol

Not gonna ask you to get it, but you can’t speak of atlas issues when you don’t have it :man_shrugging:t2:.
It’s a real problem. For many players, atlas is the main reason to cling onto the game .

Atlas was only the bottom of this OP, stability issues and the like are what I commented on.

:man_shrugging: Atlas a drug? Once you get it you can’t live without it? Ain’t ever had it and still enjoy playing the game, my whole team is that way.

Shows competitive outlook of your team, which isn’t wrong . But a player much lower level than you with atlas would be similar to you in dragon and baze powers . Not that Hau or some 3 dragons can’t take it but soloing is a different story .
And atlas requires more team activity . Each one to their own pace :see_no_evil:

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