The Evil Breeding Path


Disclaimer: Divine dragon only players please ignore this post :see_no_evil:

The only difference between lineage dragons and divines is mostly spellset and the fact that divines get den-capped quicker and powerful earlier compared to lineage dragons. The reason divines shine more because players most likely have best runes available for them on divines which boosts either their spells or rage.
And also, reach level 56 and level them up by one more level and you will see how divines are compared to lineage dragons.
Also, players just don’t want to use lineage dragons because they are all spoiled by FANCY divines. All they remember about lineage dragons is when they see some sapphire mythics, one garnet mythic and above dragons. Rest are all breeders for Divine players


Come on whoever hasn’t figured this out yet will do so eventually, line drags are only good for getting them to breedable then benching them, if your dragons are at breedable and you have a chance to get the next tier dragon, you’re telling me you rather stay with your green dragon instead of getting your gold? Of course not, the name of the game is called war dragons, who’s walking into a gun fight with a knife? I’m trying to come armed with a bazooka, in 3 years do ya know how many players I’ve come across with high levels and crap dragons? That’s the purpose of this breeding path to warn players of the learning curve and set them up in a good direction so at least there player levels match there dragons


…have you even flown Hau?


Yes he’s on my bench too


Then you clearly 1. Don’t know how to fly or 2. Are in obsidian. Which is it? Out of curiosity. Two of the three best dragons in the game are lineage dragons


You never tried to level up your knives to convert them into bazookas it seems!

Who says that! And that doesn’t mean lineage dragons are useless compared to divines.

Have you ever tried to understand and even level up Whale to level 26 when you reached level 84 to compare the power of your lineage dragons and Divines? Or Hau!

Keep having fun with divines and miss on amazing lineage dragons


You benched Hau?! Clearly you have not watched the Hauheset 101 videos seriously.


Hauheset is cool but I’ve seen that mythic sapphires are good for my dragon perches I’m currently trying to get icicle so I can jump into emerald and get ferga and Kyrule my concern is different then yours I’m more like a slut bang them then leave them :joy: Jk


There are dragons like Whalegnawer which outperform most divines in their tier as well. Only a handful of divines really excel.


Hahahahaha I hope that people see this and realize that you benched Hauheset, easily one of the best dragons in the game.

Have fun with your path :joy::joy:


Hunters are generally terrible choices for perches anyway…


Off topic but not sure if it can be generalised! Hunters give attack boost to the island, so it depends on setup imo


Hunters actually only give an attack boost to themselves, from everything I have read…


I don’t know the best way to say this as I’m a fairly blunt person, but I believe you have the best of intentions here, but you are aren’t coming off so well.

You are half right in your statement. All tiers were released at a time when at least one dragon was extremely useful.

Right now some obsidians are better than any divines you can find. A year from now they won’t be so valid.

The main difference is that you can keep a seasonal dragon with you for a lot longer due to the evolution stones (assuming you aren’t at the top tier)

For new players wishing to catch up or breeze through older dragons you are absolutely correct that seasonal divines are all that matters for a while. (Other than Hauheset) I would also argue that it’s always better to enter the next tier vs strengthening the tier you are in, but that isn’t always an option. Sometimes you have to accept the reality that you may be stuck in sapphire for a few seasons and so it may not make sense to wait for garnet for that long.

Don’t get me wrong, reds and Superman’s paths are not perfect. They are however refined for a long time with community feedback. Unless you are targeting to fix a specific flaw, you are probably squeezing blood from the rock with very little improvement. I’ve long thought about programmatically calculating the cheapest possible path including partial breeds, but it’s pretty clear to me that there isn’t much room for improvement.


Which dragons do you consider to be the best three? Don’t say Nec is one of them. :see_no_evil:


I got Hauheset for around 28,580 Eggs mostly so I can breed ursa he’s served his purpose the only dragon I felt bad about benching was Amarok and Sigurd and Tarand after that I don’t care about them, I’m about to bench Sage Abraxx now Sage will bother me, but I can care less about a line dragon, now I’ve shifted Focus to maxing out my event dragons, that’s what I’m looking forward too, to seeing my Kinnarus maxed out with Kayla, and Drakius, and Corny NYdrp Drag, after that I look forward to seeing my Chimerak, Leos, Necryx and whichever other dragon I’ll get this season to obsidian, That’s my whole Focus again my opinion is that of my own, my philosophy is that of my own, but I guarantee you I’m not the only one who feels this way


If you only ever get your line dragons to breedable you will not be able to tell their true strength. From my experience Line dragons don’t start to get good until several levels past breedable. I’m not saying that most of them are not useless, just saying don’t judge a dragon on their breedable level because that is not the end of strength gain for the dragon.


Yep, but it does look pretty on a perch, maybe that’s why? :see_no_evil: Mythic Hunters do also give a chance of two shots per attack but eh.



If you aren’t just collecting dragons and want to add the War to war dragons, Hau is far more valuable off the perch than on. No other dragon can do anything like timeshift/rewind or barrowed time.

Perch benefit of a mythic isn’t always useful, and definitely isn’t more useful than having a great lead dragon for wars.


I’ve actually gone in the opposite direction and am relying more on my den bred dragons as I go up in tiers. Right now at level 126, all my dragons are den capped. Scorchill and Sekhem’s attack power is around 500k more than the divines. But true, every player has their preferences.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts. :+1:t3: