The Evil Breeding Path


Sounds like we are at nearly the same dragon stage…well except for the fact that I’m ~80 levels lower 🤷

Either way icicle isn’t going to be as good as hauheset, might wanna swap em on your perch once you get him leveled


That’s because you got him darn late! :rofl: Compared to Red’s best path you got Hau using 1.63M tokens compared to Red’s path at 1.06M a difference of 600k :scream:


The Evil Breeding Path

Frigg + Draco = Zin 60 Eggs

Frigg + Hext = Leviathan 60 Eggs
Draco + Zin = Aetrix 100 Eggs

Aetrix + Leviathan = Hantu 200 Eggs
Aetrix + Zin = Merk 200 Eggs

Merk + Frigg = Trollis & Kastor 200 Eggs

Merk + Trollis = Daemun & Kinnara 160 Eggs

Hantu + Kastor = Laekrian & Dactyl 200 Eggs

Laekrian + Daemun = Arborius & Borg 2,400 Eggs

Arborius + Trollis = Grypp & Kromon & Klax & Gog 1,000 Eggs

Grypp + Kromon = Viscus & Baldr & Drude 3,200 Eggs

Leviathan +Viscus = Alikorn 40 Eggs

Alikorn + Dactyl = Huli 40 Eggs

Merk + Baldr = Jura & Garuda 1,000 Eggs

Jura + Viscus = Kobahl & Volos 2,400 Eggs

Volos + Alikorn = Sahran 160 Eggs

Volos + Sahran = Ankor, ½ Luminark 5,440 Eggs

Ankor + Baldr = Slynx 200 Eggs
Slynx + Huli = Etzel 240 Eggs
Slynx + Baldr = Bronze 8,000 Eggs

Bronze + Draco = Kelsis 100 Eggs
Bronze + Drude = Habrok 140 Eggs

Habrok + Etzel = Lucius & Luminark 8,000 Eggs

Lucius + Bronze = Gaspar & ⅓ Naga & ½ Enki & ½ Hydron 8,000 Eggs

Gaspar + Kelsis = Ruma 440 Eggs
Gaspar + Viscus = Garzev 8,800 Eggs

Gaspar + Garzev = Ith & Ettin 27,500 Eggs

Ith + Baldr = Amarok 1,200 Eggs
Luminark + Gaspar = Serabis 8,000 Eggs

Garzev + Serabis = Septys & Karna & Munin 26,880 Eggs (2) Green Legendary

Karna + Munin = Firactus & Calabog 45,340 Eggs

Firactus + Calabog = Whalegnawer & Chthoteuthis 97,500 Eggs (2) Gold Legendary

Whalegnawer + Chthoteuthis = Cerbero & Cryzan 40,000 Eggs

Whalegnawer + Ith = Lumen 2,021 Eggs

Lumen + Ruma = Bander 45,333 Eggs

Lumen + Cryzan = Kulan 40,000 Eggs

Whalegnawer + Bander = Nosfer 31,200 Eggs

Kulan + Chthoteuthis = Kelvin & Quetz 64,000 Eggs (2) Platinum Legendary

Quetz + Kelvin = Kaiju & Chompa 127,500 Eggs (1) Sapphire Legendary

Kelvin + Kaiju = Anapa 125,000 Eggs (2nd) Sapphire Legendary

Nosfer + Cerbero = Vulcan 64,000 Eggs

Kelvin + Vulcan = Sekhem 125,000 Eggs

Sekhem + Anapa = Apophet 200,000 Eggs

Apophet + Chompa = Renard 143,500 Eggs (1) Garnet Legendary

Apophet + Anapa = Rizar 64,000 Eggs

Quetz + Rizar = Iteru 125,000 Eggs

Apophet + Iteru = Jul 143,500 Eggs (2nd) Garnet Legendary

Jul + Renard = Hauheset 28,500 Eggs

Quetz + Kaiju = Gorgonus 125,000 Eggs

Gorgonus + Hauheset = Ursa 143,500 Eggs

Jul + Ursa = Icicle 231,000 Eggs

Icicle + Jul = Ferga 143,500 Eggs (1) Emerald Legendary

Icicle + Renard = Kyrule & Mehaten 143,500 Eggs (2nd) Emerald Legendary

Ferga + Kyrule = Gloomclaw 27,500 Eggs

Gloomclaw + Ursa = Pyrochis 143,500 Eggs

Pyrochis + Kyrule = Stormheim & Zaru 220,000 Eggs

Pyrochis + Stormheim = Slax 21,260 Eggs

Ferga + Stormheim = Kerbos 22,080

Kerbos + Slax = Nier 220,000 Eggs

Nier + Pyrochis = Archimera 143,500 Eggs (1) Obsidian Legendary

Nier + Ferga = Deci 15,560 Eggs

Stormheim + Deci = Noctua 143,500 Eggs (2nd) Obsidian Legendary

Archimera + Noctua = Rhyo + Xenot + Marianas 225,000 Eggs

Rhyo + Archimera = Wraith 15,555 Eggs

Sapphire Matrix

Kelvin + Vulcan = Sekhem 125,000
Kelvin + Kaiju = Anapa 125,000
Anapa + Sekhem = Apophet 200,000
Rizar + Vulcan = Scorchil 125,000
Rizar + Quetz = Iteru 125,000
Scorchil + Iteru = Hauheset 195,000
Quetz + Kaiju = Gorgonus 125,000
Quetz + Kelvin = Chompa 127,500
Chompa + Gorgonus = Mehaten 195,000

Garnet Matrix

Sekhem + Hauheset = Frostbiter 143,500
Gorgonus + Hauheset = Ursa 143,500
Anapa + Mehaten = Zaru 143,500
Socrchil + Mehaten = Avalanche 143,500
Chompa + Apophet = Renard 143,500
Iteru + Apophet = Jul 143,500
Frostbiter + Zaru = Aquileas 214,500
Jul + Ursa = Icicle 220,000
Avalanche + Renard = Gloomclaw 241,999

Emerald Matrix

Gloomclaw + Ursa = Pyrochis 143,500

Icicle + Renard = Kyrule 143,500

Avalanche + Aquileas = Deci 143,500

Icicle +Jul = Ferga 143,500

Zaru + Aquileas = Kerbos 143,500

Gloomclaw + Frostbiter = Slax 143,500

Obsidian Matrix

Nier + Pyrochis = Archimera 143,500 Eggs

Deci + Stormheim = Noctua 143,500 Eggs

Nier + Kerbos = Marianas 143,500

Xenot + Ferga = Wraith 143,500 Eggs

Xenot + Slax = Hedran 143,500 Eggs

Archimera + Noctua = Rhyo 225,000 Eggs

Marianas + Wraith = Mafic 220,000 Eggs

Herdan + Lumina = Girasol 225,000 Eggs

Hi everyone I made a few corrections to the path these are the new changes


Red and Superman have great charts, I’m not here trying to debate with them, again this works for me and if I can help just 1 player then it’s served it’s purpose Happy Flying Everyone


Here’s my honest question - why should someone follow this instead another path? What do you think makes your path better?

I am so heavily invested in all breeding paths the community puts out because I’ve had to fix so many peoples breeding.


What my path does better is make you avoid getting unnecessary drags for example consurgens & Khrysos option 2 in A Bombs. my Chart makes you avoid so many unnecessary drags in order to go threw the tiers faster, I can care less about tier dragons red, if you’re in love with Hauheset that’s great for you, for me he was just a tool to move up faster, and did I mention very cheap the route I went to get him? To each there own red, for all the players out there that simply want to move up threw the tiers to evolve your event drags it’s a great chart


I truly believe that if I would’ve knew about a breeding path sooner like 3 years ago I would’ve been in obsidian already, instead I have a roster full of “Crap Dragons” that are on my bench. That’s the sole purpose of this path, and for the players who actually use it, they all compliment me on it. All thanks to @SKULLofEVIL for showing me about breeding paths in the 1st place


Wow… Abomb left the game like when their was only Sapphire dragons for top tier, your old guide was well out of date.


But moose do you know how many players still use it? That’s what I’m trying to do here make them avoid the learning mistakes I did

Especially with a breeding event coming up next


My breeding path is simple… I see a dragon I want… and I go for it!!! I say mine. And I snatch that little dragon up and then go… um… what’s next… now I just sit and watch breed pass me by waiting for a new dragon tier


:joy: Damn so you in Obsidian already I’m trying to get where you at bro


I love promoting Red’s because hers is live and changes as new tiers or back breeds become available. I try to have team mates avoid sharing Images, because they can quickly become outdated. Red also has different option paths depending on players preference… biggest complaint I get is that some get confused reading her spreadsheets, but I quite familiar with them and prefer them a lot.


Again I’m not here to compete with anyone I’m just here spreading knowledge


I will say reds breeding path rocks, just showing @TheRedDelilah some love… she has put much into it.


What’s the point of skipping dragons If you can’t come out cheaper? I agree that red has a bias towards her “more powerful” dragons, but when I’ve optimized to exclude those, the savings was fairly negligible. Faster = less tokens, and yours doesn’t really do that yet I don’t believe.

Well I would agree that you would be a lot farther, but who cares what’s in your roster if you get to obsidian faster? Some of the crap dragons you reference aren’t actually crap, but they aren’t super useful to a base with level 55+ towers. One could argue that you would have had better success to not reinvent the wheel. (Plus not need to spend time on making your own path).

Maybe the real benefit to your path is you have less dragons in your roster in the end. I haven’t checked but I can’t argue that you skipped a few.

Personally I went in and backbreed 100%, because I’d rather have dragons I rarely use in the toolbox than not. (And it costs me next to nothing)

Out of curiosity, why do you list half breeds but never finish them? Did you use someone else’s path as a starting point? That particular line looks familiar to me.


I’m sure @TheRedDelilah got the same type of skepticism when she 1st started, let’s see if I can evolve as well, she’s been at it longer then me


Yes I did bro that’s what got me started with inventing the current path I posted


Yes you do what? Less dragons?

It’s not cheaper. Let me show you where red added it up and compared it to her current one

Notice how the me column (reds) is always less tokens.

Nobody intends any insult at all, if you were to find a cheaper way, people would dissect it and learn from what you did differently. In the old forums. There was more than one time that red made updates due to community “feedback”.

The real magic sauce in reds path is how she keeps hers updated. (Conversely Superman’s selling point is mainly that he produces his in images that can be more portable)


First of all, welcome to the forum.

Second, thank you for putting your time for making this path (not a good path but A for effort)

Third, are you out of your FREAKING MIND??? Who’s on the right mindset to bench hau (except for big spenders who get their new shiny tier the first day of breeding). Heck, I’m still using Hauhesset to hit bases 10 times his boosted power (30M atk power vs 300M def power). I love to use Hau to make a bad big base look even worse. :joy::rofl:.

Forth, what’s your intentions here? Get to new tier quicker? Nope. Move along. There are plenty of guides that are more efficient than yours.
Have best linage dragons? Nope. Pass. There are tons out there on forum already
Crave for attention? Maybe who knows 🤷

Edit: put “freaking mind” in capital to emphasize :joy:


Aww Dak, there was no reason for a harsh post. Evil has been nice and polite. :confused: