The Evil Breeding Path


It’s call peers review :joy:. If you do this in academy, they will drill you until you drop. And you have to stay on your ground to protect your idea


I got a lot of negativity when I first started making paths, by the way. Every path needs a purpose and to be the best at this purpose. That’s what makes a good path.

Since my first path, I have created many more including:

  • Strong (multiple)
  • Cheap(multiple)
  • Divine evolution speed
  • Dragon goal focus (multiple)
  • Builders hut eggs
  • Best of all words

I have also “fixed” breeding paths for people who followed something else and got so frustrated as they watched their peers fly by them with better dragons, or thankfully they realized sooner that the path they were on was out of date and a poor setup. This is why I’m so vocal when I see other paths. It has nothing to do with competition or anything of the sorts, I just would like to not have to fix peoples breeding paths as much


Thank you all for your feedback it’ll help me get a better path produced thanks everyone


edit: I was off-topic and should probably just create a thread with my questions instead of asking here.
I apologize.


Red’s path ! Red’s path! And Red’s path all the way! :smiley:


The amount of lol moments I had reading this thread is huge.

Everybody on these forums thinks I’m a mean person (:rofl:) because I tell it how it is and don’t shy away from confrontation. So here it goes.

I skimmed through your replies. So I will be paraphrasing…

Like someone mentioned, I think you are doing this with a the right intention. On the other hand…

How can you say that your guide is helping people avoid useless dragons when you obviously don’t know what the useless dragons are. Hauheset is one of the most useful and the strongest dragon you can have until you get to the highest tiers in this game. I am amazed how you managed to play this game for 3 years and not realize warriors are useless. You said you had troubles benching Tarand and Amarok rofl… You talk about Sage and Abraxx… Rofl, you talk about Chimerak and Leos… Rofl… Drakius… Kinnerus… ROFL… All this to say is that you’re not making a great case for your credibility.

You focus so much on warriors and keep getting season warriors… It’s obvious to me that you DO NOT know what dragons are USEFUL and which dragons are USELESS.

Perching Hauheset? Rofl… He will outperform every single warrior in your lineup ever. All you have to do is learn how to fly it. I think you would be better off investing time into learning to fly something other then warriors.

Again sorry for being “mean”… Just my 2 cents.


I value all opinions I take no offense to any of them
Again the purpose is to try to help
Thank you all for the feedback


If this was supposed to be a list of things you shouldn’t do, well done! Good to know: Hau is just a breeder; Amarok is still relevant 3 years later; Sig and tarand are amazing, Kinnarus with the bonus wisdom rune Kayla.

I admire your resolve to help less experienced players but please don’t mislead them with bad advice. Listen to your peers. @Coach and @TheRedDelilah said it best.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone both negative and positive


Nice work and a beautiful building is start from a foundation. So u can keep doing and make a best path .


If u make any changes in orange tier and green tier in ur path plz post .


Your philosophy sounds like a spender philosophy, which is totally fine… but make the path cheaper man.


You’re one level below a divine upgrade, and that’ll be a 25-30% stat boost.

Assuming maximum grind, there’s a period between 50 and 70 during which low-level legendary lineage dragons can outclass divines, because the lineage dragons have their full skill kit and the divines don’t. Also, the stat curve follows exponential growth (10-15% per level, for most line dragons).

You’re also probably high in the top 1% of activity for newer players; most don’t get their legendaries to their player-level based cap nearly so fast. :slight_smile:


Two Shots per Attack? Seriously? (I just hatched Hau, so I’m curious).


He means 2 shots from the perch - which doesn’t do much damage anyway - warriors are always best on perches due to their tower HP buff


Your right, sorry. Misunderstood.


Evil, welcome to the Dragons Forums! Thank you for being here. :slight_smile:

I commend you for building your own breeding path and publishing it to these forums in the hopes that others will benefit from what you have learned while playing the game. I know there’s a ton of other established guides out there, so it’s even more admirable that you are trying something different. Any feedback received is useful if constructive, and I hope that all constructive feedback given here will encourage you to continue iterating on an already well thought out guide.

Seeing players like yourself, who are interested in sharing their wealth of information with the community to help others, really makes my day. Keep on breeding on, and thanks again. :heart:


Well thank you I truly appreciate that
I have seen that most breeding paths start at sapphire
I wanted to combine and create a path from dragon #1 until the last tier, and now that they just announced that the new tier is coming out I’m waiting to see the matrix grid so I can adjust and add on to the current path


I also do want to point out to everyone a very important fact about my breeding guide, it emphasizes getting Apophet at sapphire tier, and Icicle at Garnet, and the reasons are these 2 dragons are the dragons that give you your eggs to upgrade your builders hut to max level at sapphire to 44, and max level at garnet which is 50 to prove that plz take a look at my base and you will all notice my farms being at level 50, due to me breeding Icicle, and now that Icicle is hatched and almost ready for breeding he’ll be the dragon I use to get me my 2 Emerald Dragons. Which will be Kyrule, and Ferga whichever I choose cause I have both of there parents thanks to this guide. It really does work


Not bad to consider. Most folks use cheaper backbreeding options for an egg with 100% chance or virtually, and get extra eggs for the cheapest possible.

It might be worth putting together a running total to see how your method works out compares to others when factoring in theirs plus builders hut eggs at cheapest possible cost. I think you probably won’t come out on top still, but if you do, it would be a reasonable selling point.

You still will get a lot of resistance for choosing aphophet rather than hauheset.