The Evil Breeding Path


If apophet is chosen as mythic in sapphire and red’s icicle 3 path is followed, it gives enough eggs for quick builder hut upgrades. Your path till early into emerald is identical to that. I get where you are going after that again, get obsidian legendary cheapest after that so you can evolve divines. Not a bad path for someone focusing on breeding path for evolving event dragons.
But it would probably help to get Noctua first because its more usable than most divines except for present divines Avyx and Neptus. And that would be Red’s Icicle 3 path through and through.


Hey Red. Im following this guide, i think its called Icicle 3. What do u think about it? There is a better path? Thx


I’m all for variety but honestly don’t see the need for it in this particular area of the game. Red puts an unbelievable amount of work into her paths and it shows. They are detailed, effective, and adaptable.

In my opinion, it is in players’ best interests to follow Red’s proven paths over one from a less experienced player who has not shown proficiency in understanding the value of certain dragons and where priorities should be regarding breeding.

These are just the thoughts of someone who followed Red’s personalized advice on breeding and got Noctua around 250, and now have all but 2 Obsidians at 288… @TheRedDelilah I swear by her paths, she’s never steered me wrong.


I’m happy you are all the followers of a specific person, or guide, I have now 4 teams that are dedicated in following the path that I created and I may add they are all advancing and growing very nicely, to each there own, I don’t have to knock someone thoughts or beliefs to endorse another’s, I’m quite pleased with the results on my main, and my alts progress I’ll post pics as proof you don’t need certain drags in order to evolve

Thanks for all your thought and suggestions



Now I’ll add my alt progress pics



The unfortunate mistake is people all seem to go in a direction that mostly all go to. And just because it may be good for that one person doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone, this path is for players who want to skip unnecessary dragons in order to progress quickly threw tiers I provide actual proof not just talk

Thanks once again everyone
100% verified


There is also a reason for why people do a certain thing. Also realize that I have more than one path, and thus more than one option for people.

I love that you’re giving this a go, but it seems you haven’t actually studied any of my paths if you think k that yours progresses more quickly or anything.

My proof is the years of accounts that have used my paths, including my own 325 (end of obsidian), 273 (end of emerald), and 166 (middle of garnet) accounts.


P.S. make sure you look up updates on Sandbergs site. Over 100+ cost updates


Again with all due respect Red I actually sent you a pm telling you I was watching 1 of your videos on Hauheset on you tube nothing but love and respect


I think that people are mostly still just trying to figure out where this path fits in, because it isn’t the cheapest and doesn’t give the strongest roster of lineage dragons. If the goal is just to breed to power divines in the cheapest way, then it’d help to include cumulative totals or at least totals at every breakpoint to be used as comparisons against other options, as the current format isn’t great for that.

It does still do people a disservice of missing out on Hauheset, but there are people who never bother to learn to fly it/hunters anyway, so that’s not relevant for them anyway. :rofl:


A lot aren’t aware of breeding guides/paths or they find them too confusing. As of yet yours does not solve this.

Another unfortunate mistake that people make
Is reinventing the wheel. You will find your brand If you keep at it.

You are free to do as you wish, but in the scientific process we generally change one variable at a time and carefully document the results. Generally this means a control (I would use red’s as a control being it’s the baseline you want to improve on) and then your version.

For me the numbers don’t yet add up in your favor. You have done great for a first attempt, but you still have a wheel that doesn’t quite work as well as the existing wheel. (Amazingly close actually)

I would recommend you keep an open mind.


Honestly I can’t believe this is still going. Hats off to everyone who has been so nice to this guy. I mean his breeding path is a step back from anyone else’s. He’s literally giving people bad advice and unwilling to learn. This kind of thread makes my head hurt.


Hasn’t been going for almost 2 weeks until you replied… :joy:


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: dunno why it showed up on my latest threads. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


another month to close the thread now :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


You’re welcome. Now you can ask for breeding advice.


It’s just different. Effectiveness is debatable.


I’m waiting for the thing that makes it unique and best in said unique category.