The Fall of NMO (No Mercy Order)

One of the Top team has been disbanded. There’s panic with team that were highly dependent on them to bully small teams of their castles. Some may call it karma. The fall of one the most dominant team in war dragons. Very sad too see.

sad…maybe, but again like you said, they bullied small teams and evicted them from their home to feed their minions, it’s just karma came full circle.


It used to be a highly respected team when Seers was their leader. But times They are a changing…


No!!! ChrisNMO was such a sweetheart. How can this be? :sob::sob::sob:

which big teams didn’t do that ? You were probably directly affected by them so you are spouting your spite.


Who sent you to say that ? . :thinking: let me think hmm Oh right I know. Hahaha.

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They’re disbanding since they’re trying to take Dread’s spot. RoyalRoad is Dread’s next challenger

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well you guessed wrong :rofl::rofl::rofl:

feel free to say who you think, but I can ensure you that you will be wrong on all front :kissing_heart:

This will have a impact of Atlas for sure.
First of all there alliance and teams arround , and there lands are a question.

And what will be with the people who still are playing or/and will be with other teams arround … or are there people who give up playing ? idk…

Sometime things are too stressful, and when you loose people , that fun wont be the same.
I wonder how PG think about that .

I don’t know anyone from NMO - but if this is true, very sorry to hear it (for them). It’s apparently been a tough couple of weeks.


The atlas impact is already happening. Their castles are already being swarmed and battles happening to take them.


I heard Seers is going to take NMO over again :man_shrugging:

I hope she does. She was the One that made people respect NMO

Of course i saw that, some from there friends and some others, all trying to get there piece of cake.

I was asked to be co-leader and form a Dread feeder team in D2.


The blind leading the blind?


Time to stop playing Atlas I guess.

If you’re not a minion of The Dark Side you’re just food now.

In fact, I think I might just delete the game from all my devices. Sorry PG but I’ll spend my money elsewhere now. It’s suddenly too unbalanced.


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Will any Mercy be given?


Bye Felicia