The festive and huso shards

Hello I had one question on the festive
So I watched the stream at the start of the season and they said that u where able to get huso shards at the same time an new festive shards is that correct ? I would hope not because that makes it harder to get the new festives shards and I am not the biggest fan of huso and I am happy where I have him at the moment.thanks for having the time to read this


No one knows yet, that is hopefully one of the questions Galileo is asking about.
It would be nice if they just used generic festive shards so the chests dont get diluted with the stupid things.

As it is they have to keep the hueso shards in the chests because the whole point was for him to be able to evolve to the next tier when it comes out


Nothing official is known but I don’t think the hueso fragments can be used for the new festive dragons

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Hence why they should just be called “festive shards” and not dragon/season specific


It’s going to get complicated because last season had higher Hueso shard drops (because Hueso was the festive) but the content of those drops decreased this season (as far as I understand).
But then to add another festive into the mix with the same drop mechanism for shards, but people may still want Hueso shards, so how will the drop mix work?

I also think there would be some complications in simply calling them festive shards, as the drop rate was increased for the Hueso shards last season and dipped again once this new season started.

Unless it’s fixed at increased shard drops between when festive is released and end of season and then lower between new season start and when festive is released.


So true, especially in a year or so with 6 different dragon shards. Very curious to see how it will work.

That would be awesome if they really were, festive shards that could be used with any festive. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Well I wold have to disagree because then what’s the point of getting it in the season that it comes out in and u will never get the shards u are wanting because u will get other shards it will be way more helpful and smart if pg just let it be exclusive for the season and when the new festive comes out they take the other shards from the last festive so only one festive can be calmed each season

Thats not the idea of the new festive approach though. The idea is that the festives from hueso and moving forwards, are evolvable as new tiers are released.

So, i currently have all hueso shards, so they no longer drop for me. However, in 4 weeks when the new tier is released, they will drop again so hueso can evolve to the new tier. They will then stop dropping for me again untill the tier after that is released.

The problem lies in the the future of this idea,
As someone mentioned above.

In a years time we will have 5 festives. Once a new tier is released you have to collect 5 different dragons shards which massively waters down the drip from drac chests until its done. And festives, generally, are not good for a lot of players. I for instance, haven’t even bothered hatching hueso and don’t have any plans to. So why would i want hueso shards to drop every time a new tier is released?

Edit: i am not condemning the idea despite what my post may seem. I LOVE the idea of always having a dragon / dragons that evolve as i do. Nothing worse than getting a dragon you love and then retiring it 8 weeks later. And eventually i have no doubt that PG will make another festive again that i do love. I just think the idea needs to be tweaked. No idea how they could implement it though. As a year down the line i might only have 1 festive i love. Whereas another player may have 4. So no idea how they can code a way to turn off the shards from dropping for each player.


On the plus side the positive side too this Festive branches is the Draconics which if you get a high amount of them you have yourself good resources which has too be more than a whole branches worth too be worth a fortune. Besides we called festives glass cannons a lot and these chests really made festives worth something. I’m pretty sure Pg will get rid of the Hueso shards after the festive is released.

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Every dragon will (or should) have it’s own leveling shard, as indicated by the Hueso paradigm (because it is a “paradigm”, not so much a “picture” as I was going to say) on the previous season’s shards.

I don’t think they should turn off shard drops as that would lead to a competitive advantage to those who may choose to no longer revive shards (by subsequently getting bigger/more frequent drops of other resources.

I do think you should be able to select which festive dragon you want shards for, so you can level your favourite first.

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While that is true. I do not see the issue there personally. It would be the same as everything else in this game. Not everyone wants the dragon.

This is why it bugged me that they added the timers into the legendary dragon and not towers. Forcing players to follow a linear path instead of leaving then to decide. I’m very against that. Its why i quit playing WoW when they removed the original style talent trees. No diversity.

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Yes pls.
Then it also wouldn’t mess w the drop rate of other consumables and I could choose between the festive I actually want to level.


You’re supposed to be able to constantly level them regardless of new tiers coming out, so I don’t see them completely removing them.

But if they keep adding festive shards at some point they won’t be worth it if each festive has its own shards it will water down the drops of actual resources and lean more towards dragon shards, whereas if it was a generic “festive shard” you could actively choose which festive you want to continue leveling and still get good drops.


The issue is that they have locked the drop rates of Draconics to the shards for the Festive dragons.

That’s your prerogative, but if you do the line, you should still have festive shard drops in Draconics, as if you did.

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Then idk what too say people are always so negative mojo due too this fact you got too be patient and see what happens first

I didn’t mean to be negative, I just was stating my opinion. I like the Draconic chests. I like the festive thing. I just hope the drops aren’t water downed by multiple dragon shards.


Not really. Even if i don’t do the festive line, huesos shards still drop. So forced to get him.

Not forced. You could either take the dragon or hoard the shards :man_shrugging:

Still, the mechanism is in place to ensure people who don’t claim festive are not at an advantage with Draconic drops


I think you are missing what im saying. If i open drac chests, I’m forced to get hueso shards. I don’t have a choice. The only choice is, don’t open drac chests. Even if i skip getting the festive lines, i will still end up getting the festive dragon if i want to open any chests. This is making everyone linear and taking choice away from players.

As for the advantage, there isn’t one. I may get more timers and eggs, but you’ll get a dragon. Thats your choice. And thats how it should be.

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