The festive and huso shards

Fair point. I suppose the advantage of getting the discounted Draconics at the end of the festive line outweighs any benefit you may have from not having festive shards in your full priced Draconics

Oh i agree 100 percent.

I just think the game is going down a dangerous path for longevity. People like to have choices, or at least the illusion they have choices. And the way its going there are fewer choices to be made. I hate the idea of being forced into getting something. The legendary warrior is a joke of a dragon. So i refuse to get it. Iā€™m not being forced into getting a shite dragon just for the timers. So they can stick it. Likewise Iā€™m not being forced to get a broken mythic invoker. So they can stick that as well. I play the game how i want to play it and not because they want me to get something. And if it starts to effect my progress and no longer becomes fun. Then no reason for me to continue. This tower line will be the making or breaking of a lot of players. So time will tell.


It will be good where like in a year if we could pick the dragons shards we are wanting and we only get those shards not all random shards seat we are not wanting so if someone likes huso they press some button so we will only get huso shards in the chests something like that

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