The festive is a ice hunter?

So because there is a ice flack resistance hunter gulp and pg hasn’t brought out a ice hunter dose that mean it is because last train post they brought out a hunter attack gulp and zel came out and the time before they brought out a warrior hp and huso came out so does that mean that the festive is a hunter ?

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We currently have

  • Ice sorcerer
  • Fire warrior
  • Dark hunter
  • Dark warrior
  • wind invoker

Seems like the festive is probably going to be earth again so we have at least one of every element this season. As for class, who knows but I dont really see the rune being evidence towards a hunter

Also what is a gulp?


Rune sorry :man_facepalming:

Just because they add a new rune or where every you got this from it does not mean the new dragon will be a ice hunter nothing can be set in stone since pg changes everything.


I would guess its an invoker. We have a hunter, warrior and sorceror legendary.


An invoker would be nice but there aren’t maybe of them around so it would be hard to tell but it’s good to be hopeful :+1:

We also have a mythic invoker and there was no legendary invoker during Naja’s season either. So far they havent done a double invoker season


There’s always a first for everything personally I would love to see an invoker festive since I’ve spent all my rubies :sweat_smile: (what an idiot) on chest this event since I couldn’t help my self :sob: and I was planning on getting ikaros but I’m doubtful I’ll get anywhere close to getting one :pensive: so a festive invoker sounds fun!

Meh, invokers are very hit or miss already, most being really craptastic. Plus they’d make its runes lame like they did with Hueso
I loved Naja (but OMG she’s slow) but she’s about the only invoker I’ve enjoyed. Sho was cool looking but that was about it. Morak was amazing but not my cup of tea

I would love to of gotten naja :sob: but that is the season I started at so almost impossible unless I spent lots of money. Namaka seems like it was and IS a great dragon


Nam was definitely amazing and I do wish Id gotten her even though I loved my CabbageCroc. Unfortunately she was also pretty OP.

Yup invoker as festive dragon would be great!

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