The fight against wood dumping


I have come to talk about a subject that has plagued war dragon players since rss shipping has existed. It’s a vile crime, that leaves a player feeling violated and broken. Imagine a world where you login and don’t find that 5 players have forced their wood upon you. A world where people only get lumber when it is asked for. A world without a wood tax…

If you too are a victim of this terrible act, I implore you to speak now to make it a bannable offense. To create a law against this evil and toxic behavior. We have rights to not have lumber thrust upon us against our will!!!

This message has been brought to you by the newest hashtag #stopwooddumpingnow, and the one, the only, the immortal jjsk.


Omg I was just thinking the same
Stop the insanity!


End the vile wood dumping crime! It is a plague, a disease! A meanace!
I agree so much, Ban the dumpers! :joy:


I am always full !
Guaranteed , when the time is right I will dump


LOL not sure what that s post looks like cuz I can’t see it, but youz guyz are funnywl cant see edits or anything banner in way but hopefully this is somewhat readable


What is this wood dumping and how is it achieved? It sounds like some kind of hacking attack.


It is the vile act of sending all your unwanted lumber to another on your team… it needs to be stopped


Wear projection next time JJ :D. The wood dump will keep coming over and over again :wink:


Don’t be a part of the problem dak be a solution!!!


I always tax people when they ask for food/gold :D. Good way to dump the excess wood :smiley:


I use wood shipping containers for all food transfers


Sneaky but still that makes you a creeper dumper


I do not approve your response… you shall be shunned…


Geez! I’d kick members from my team if they did that. If your leader won’t kick, join a better team!


there was a time you woke up with 20 ingame message for wood transfer :smiley:… What a time


If you are lower than an active status on my team I’m dumping on you when I need to :wink:


I create wooden shipping crates to ship lumber. If you are foolish enough to chat in team chat… Boom I’m shipping you lumber




I accept all wood dumps. If I ever need to build I have no need to ask :grin::+1:t2:


I don’t understand why so many are uptight that teammates are sending lumber to them why they are not online? It could be that they are keep a resource from being raided by a rival team or many other reasons. I am the team dump so I do login to find many transfers and I either use the resource or let it sit at times I will send it back especially if I am about to be raided. I don’t feel it should be a bannable offense though. I instead would prefer it if Pocket Gems were to make a change whereas the protected amount would increase by storage building level in a more realistic progression let’s say level 1 would have 1% protected and continue this progression so when you reach level 82 your protected amount would be 82%. This would solve many issues and make teammates more prone to protect one another from getting raided as well.