The Fight Pits a.k.a The Mushroom Stamp


What did I do? What did we the players do? How did we (the player base) wrong you? I don’t understand, PG. You can afford your little blue pills, your fast cars to give reason for the pills, the steaks that I have a suspicion you prefer well done and with ketchup, and a host of other luxuries becaue of the player base.

Why do you give us these shit prizes? Fucking rejuvenate glyphs? Useless healing striker glyphs. And honestly. Treb glyphs to the top players?

And you hype and feed us this new (or old as it smells) event and you don’t even have the decency to increase prizes to compensate for the difficulty we will no doubt be subjected to because of your absolute trash of a record of rollouts? I mean we all know it’s probably gonna be a shit show. So instead you figure “Fuck them, we will give them a gold chest and a few timers when it all sucks if they bitch enough”.

The fuck?

For realsies?

Get a fucking clue.



I just opened some gold chests and some bronzes. They dropped the sigil amounts in both. I got 60 from golds and a 15 in bronzes. Between these crap prizes and now messing with sigils in chests I think they are trying to kill the game.


Surely this is a bug @PGJared ?


Yeah. I left out that part. I had to compartmentalise before I truly lost my shit.


Keep it civil, please. Be as critical as you like, but keep it constructive and civil.


Read the first thread here, the main reason we clicked on it.
Read that post, and you will know why PG probably doesn’t listen to much of what anyone on the forums have to say.
Why would you help people that are being total and complete A holes to you?
Why can’t you just describe your opinion, suggest what you think would be better and leave it at that, leave the post with ZERO expectations of the outcome, and move on.


These issues are well_documented_. The fact that they are ignored and essentially worsened is an insult to your players. It’s uncivil behavior on PGs part.


Please see my response in this thread.


How about an answer to what we did to get such terrible prizes from you. I’d much prefer that. Why do you guys treat us like scum?


And here I thought the prizes were going to be better since it’s a new event. You know, the whole introduction thing. What a waste of time. All the hype just to be disappointed, once again.


It’s what all there trophy wives are saying.


PG seem scared to act in any way that could be viewed as generous.


I always figured that the terrible glyphs were just stuck in there from the time the game started years ago when I wasn’t playing. They actually think these are good rewards?? How many common rejuvenate glyphs does everyone need?


@GBill not scared they are just greedy. simple as that. Instead of looking at both of a win win situation for both players and the company they just want maximum profit at the cost of the players and game getting shitty


Not that I condone it :angel: … but can’t say I blame him lol :man_shrugging:


The only thing they’re scared for is their wallet :thinking:


Either the sigils dropped or they boosted the drop rate of the worthless items. During the grogg sale I wasted 90 gold chests getting 700 sigils and a ton of food and xp potions and tower atk/def boosts. Incredible disappointment so much work saving up to throw it away for 700 sigils


Huh. I’ve opened 30+ Gold this event for 5 legendary sigil drops, 6 epic and I have 3 epic from 60 bronze. Sigils are great for me.


I just got 25 sigils from 60 bronze. I guess I’m just unlucky.


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