The First Atlas Season!


Prepare yourselves, Dragon Lords!

The Atlas Springveil Season will be arriving Wednesday, April 25th alongside the unlocking of new PvP regions. Atlas will be down for maintenance before we release the Springveil Atlas Season and the new PvP regions, so please plan accordingly.

What rewards are in the Atlas Season Branches?

Atlas seasons will include multiple branches offering various rewards for your success in Atlas.

  • Elite Gear - Dragon Rider Gear from Atlas Seasons rewards are in a tier called “Elite”.

    • Elite gear can only be earned from Atlas Seasons, and has higher potential power level than crafted Legendary Gear.
    • A full set of Elite Gear will provide a 100% buff to Dragon Attack Power and Health or a 100% buff to Tower Attack Power and Health.
    • Like regular crafted gear, Seasons gear must still be leveled up to reach its full power.
  • Offensive Rider Gear will include 5 branches. Each branch will feature two pieces of Offensive Dragon Rider Gear of a particular element. One of the gear pieces can be upgraded to provide up to +20% Dragon HP, while the other is upgraded to grant up to +20% Dragon Attack.

  • Defensive Rider Gear will include 5 branches. Each branch will feature two pieces of Defensive Dragon Rider Gear that, when equipped on a Dragon, will buff your towers in the vicinity of the Perch. One of the gear pieces can be upgraded to provide up to +20% Tower HP, while the other is upgraded to grant up to +20% Tower Attack.

  • Primarch Stat Buffs can be unlocked to grant your Primarchs up to +25% Attack and Defense ratings until the end of the current Atlas Season.

How do I view the Atlas Springveil season?
The season’s menus will be accessed through the Atlas event button.

What item(s) do I use to claim prizes in the Atlas Springveil Season?
In the Atlas Season there will be Atlas Springveil Badges which are the Atlas equivalent of Sigils. Those badges can be redeemed directly on prizes in the branches.

How do I obtain Atlas Springveil Badges?
Springveil Badges can be earned multiple ways.

  • During the season every 1,250 Glory in Atlas that you earn will credit you with 5 Atlas Badge Chests. These chests contain only Atlas Springveil Badges, and they can be opened in the Treasury in the new Atlas events and seasons page.
  • Additionally every 7,500 Glory earned will credit you a bonus 3 Atlas Badge Chests. Use your troops as effectively as possible to gain as much glory as you can during the season. Building troops everyday will be key to your success!
  • Atlas Badge Chests drop varying quantities of Atlas Springveil Badges.
  • Springveil Badges will also be directly available in some event prizing throughout the Atlas season.

Remember that less glory is rewarded for attacking players at a much lower level relative to your own, as well as teams that have much lower Atlas Influence ratings than your own. Pick targets near or above your strength to get 100% glory!

How long is the Atlas Season?
The Atlas season ends on July 3rd. All prizes must be claimed by then.

Is there a seasonal leaderboard?
Yes! Teams will be ranked based on the total glory they earn throughout the season. The prizes are TBD:

Will badges work in seasons for the main game, or carry over to future seasons in Atlas?
No. Atlas Seasons Badges are not transferable, and can only be redeemed during the season in which they are earned.

Is there a final Mythic branch?
No, every branch can be claimed without having completed any other branches.

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Thank you for the update and hard work! Sounds fun! :+1:


how much to get everything?


so only till the end of springvale?






Just kidding.
Sounds fun! We already get glory anyway, now we get to open chests to get new shiny armor, and we have a reason to keep getting glory after Primarchs are expert.


Does the Elite Gear buff persist after the season’s over? And that’s scary.


Scary is realizing I burned all my troops last kingpin.


within the season line or through shards

Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]

The elite gear is permanent. There are only 2 slots of elite gear (Chest/Gloves) so it wont be that impactful until future seasons when more slots of gear are available.


Within the season line.

Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]

ok but even 2 pieces is still like what 20% atk and defense respectively


This all sounds like just another massive cost…

Also, the team prizes may want to be made a bit clearer as far as to what each rank gets. It sounds like 1-5 all get roughly the same thing?


ok so now whats the point in crafting gear? when its super hard and this will be massively easier


Again there are only 2 slots of gear available per season, so if you want to wait a year to get each slot (or duplicate versions) thats your choice.


Legendary gear for the same slots would be 15% each.


how many of these springvale badges for a line?


what else is in these and can they be purchased


global or per tier