The First Atlas Season!


same thing?


compounding per season?


Fun side effects:

  1. If it wasn’t enough new stuff, newcomers now will be more lost than onions in a fruit salad.
  2. I can hear the first cries of the oppressed against the already privileged few with Atlas access… preparing the box of tissues.


It’s a good thing people without Atlas can’t view this…


It takes a year to max legendary gear anyways, if youre not massively spending


This just feels like more heavy monetization sigh. Ignore all the old issues. But make a new thing to try and get people to buy it.


Actually, they’re more like mute audience


You know there is an edit button…right? You can just keep appending to your post.


Laziness lol


So 1-5 are all the same thing too. Wow…just wow. So fucking over this


Do you want an extra special animated portrait? I mean 1-100 is just for artwork. :rofl:


And you are surprised? I’m not. I like it, and I call it reverse incentive meaning the money I’ll save by reducing spending even further I can put into improving my Boss 302 for the track and it’s a tangible asset.

If Atlas freezes during upcoming release and land grab attempts I may just go into defense mode and just build troops and skip all the rest of it.


Is this the replacement for the Bazaar?


Only difference between 1 and 10 is the temporary monument :see_no_evil:


On another note…do u guys really think that many ppl playing have thousands of dollars a month to burn on this game? Cause that’s what keeping up is looking like from now on…and u don’t fix ANY of the existing issues…smh


?? this doesn’t match with this:

So I should expect to be able to get 10 pieces of gear, each buffing 20% to get 100% AP and 100% HP boost if I complete the set?


I guess the 5 branches all have the same item (chest/gloves) for every of the 5 different elements.


ah ha! how smart you are! :slight_smile:


Every gear branch has a Chest Slot and Glove Slot. The Chest offers 20% HP, the Gloves offer 20% to attack.

Once you get 8 Pieces (a full set over multiple seasons) that will provide 100% HP and 100% Attack.

Epic gear. Worth it to level up?

Examples for the kids:
Now Hauheset can have the same HP as an expert Deci, and Noctua shoot like Estril.