The First Atlas Season!


Does PG doing anything against cheaters ?? Because its sure there will be hackers in atlas too and as in normal game season hacking doesnt effect other team players but cheaters gonna affect drastically to other player in Atlas because troops lost wont be coming back, I hope you took some strong measures before all this because its obvious you wont be going back from this season release of yours, So please have a hold on hackers. @PGEcho


True! But Hau doesn’t need HP… :wink:

More like now my Fomhar can last me another 9 months… :stuck_out_tongue:


Atlas attacks have no recorded replay and cheating so far has burned tons of troops.


It will burn millions in this season if some measure isnt taken. And only one will be affecting is players who really like this game which is goin in a dark hole anyway.


Oh sorry Grumpy, I do get shot once in a while unlike flawless flyers as yourself…


Hahahaha I’m far from that! :rofl: Just pulling your leg… :smiley:


No problem, we are among the few that understand sarcasm here.


Luci, remember the ban wave that took down the majority of some diamond foreign teams? There are recordings of countless war attacks cheated to exhaustion. But I suppose they would never have used that against other primarchs, right?


Thats from where i am coming from basically ! If you ever checked out Troops Built this Week from few last weeks probably after the Atlas got released to sapphire and below there are totally new foreign players who have what a handful of medals with their account ! And all are rising to heights with their levels, with their dragons and with their troops count.
PS: I am not saying everyone is cheating i am saying check the people who are cheating because loss in Atlas will be permanent loss it wont comeback after someone will get banned.


This is going to be a shit show of epic proportions. Do u guys realize the ridiculous latency issues in Atlas since 4.16?? It takes minutes to fully load the interface when you scroll the map…waypoint_errors_galore, can’t load island details, I mean I can’t imagine what a battle will look like.
Not to mention hackers and this obsession with driving up the price to play this game. Can you fix the problems beofre requiring us to spend even more money?


Literally 1-10 are the exact same thing. And what is the metric…who is willing to burn more troops. And not even attacking efficiently or in any kind of strategic manner. What a joke.


So basically what your saying is the money that was spent upgrading current gear will pretty much be useless compared to this new “grand idea” of yalls…wow just wow…once again screwing us over yall are great keep it up :roll_eyes:


I am honestly curious to see who…if anyone is happy with this. There was already a problem with sandbagging. Now everyone is the same. This just seems like it was made for manipulation


my only reaction to this is ‘sigh how much’


Not even how much…why? How does this motivate anyone. Everything done so far and it’s just back to the starting line of what you have to spend.


well like i brought up why do legendary anymore, just wait for the season gear


It’s literally a joke. This has become Pg’s MO. They constantly devalue things u already spent money on.


it will take roughly 4 seasons worth of playing to get a full set

Its like saying dont get a garnet dragon, because in 4 seasons the harb tier will be stronger…

The gear is useful now, if you want it get it, if not dont. Its logical that a set of gear you get now, cant be the best forever. It is fairly logical to assume it has a lifespan and thereafter will be replaced by better gear.


And yet with the new metric you can kill a lvl400 from some sapphire team and get totally shitty glory because they are in a much lower league and you shouldn‘t hit down.

This kind of feels like higher ranked teams will have a much harder time getting GP for the Atlas season, or they have way less valuable targets they can attack.


Glory is just way too easy to manipulate to be a metric for competition. And it’s a leveling mechanic. Makes zero sense to use it in this manner.