The First Atlas Season!


This doesn’t add up. 20% x 4 = 80% (hp / dmg)
How do you get 100%??


Only the chest and gloves are announced to be 20%. We don‘t know what the other pieces will have, but weapons/shields usually give higher %es.


There’s 8 pieces in a set. 2 pieces a season = 4 seasons.


@pgEcho i asked you in other threads and i will ask you again here.

WHY the sudden increase in gear power and have you considered that gear will not help spells like HM and Havoc making it nerf them overall?

This gear “buff” long term is a Nerf of everything players have worked for over the past three years. You essentially introduced something we need to spend on in order to end up with dragons with nerfed spells. WTF.


Would you mind help us confirm what’s the 100% buff mean?

  1. Do you mean each gear will grant 20% buff and the whole set will grant EXTRA 100% buff? Totally 20%*4 + 100% = 180% HP and Attack
  2. Or you mean every gear except weapon and shield will give 20% each, and weapon and shield will give 40%. So totally that’s 20%*3+40% = 100% HP and Attack.

Another question is:
How much shards are needed to upgrade these Elite Gear?


Any changes to the Troop value / mechanic to go along with this? Seems that discussion died on the front steps of Fort Knox…


The need for the Austin Powers Meme is strong in this one :thinking:


I assume you will level it as per normal (shards)


I’m not gonna look for the quote but it was said that you will have to level it up with shards


you’re right! Found the quote. So I will delete my first comment, as it is wrong.


@pgEcho I made a video of some of the latency issues currently going on. From not being able to load island details to troop transfer issues, to movement delays, to loading issue in general. It’s safe to say that of not completely fixed, on Wednesday these issues will cripple everyone in Atlas.


Just in time for the giant land grab and concurrent mass lumber hunt… What’s the worst that could happen? /S



Massive, crippling lag.


I forgot my sarcasm gets lost in text sometimes :smile:

If crippling lag is the worst that happens, I’ll be amazed.


since the season is based off glory, seems wiser to sandbag on a lower ranked team to ensure you always get max glory payout. top ranked teams get an avatar; wow, great incentive there


We should just schedule glory swaps with each other in NML :man_shrugging:t2:


Yea probably what it’s gonna come down to, especially for teams that don’t have great mobility through the land and don’t wanna piss off their nabours


I think most ppl should do it regardless…since that’s all that matters for th season. It’s such a ridiculous metric to base a season off…monetization is the only thing that matters at this point. What’s good for the game apparently isn’t as important, so we may as well make it easy for ourselves.


Can’t wait for the Atlas seasons to come out!


Yeah, can‘t wait to be forced to attack a small number of teams around my own team‘s rank to burn troops for shiny season prizes /s

Level restrictions are fine but league restrictions are really plain stupid.