The First Atlas Season!


Think from another point of view, my usually wise MareZ…
Teams already in Atlas spend $X.
New teams doubling Atlas population will spend $Y.
If this league restriction makes current teams less interested in burning troops for zero glory (because now there’s mandatory elite gear) there will be X+Y
If, like previous instances, new teams get annihilated until learn to pre build troops and do politics, there would be only X for a longer time…

Did you say “plain stupid”?


@pgEcho When will Atlas be down so we can plan? Midnight PST when perches reset, 1 AM PST when dragon multipliers reset, 3 PM PST when most events seems to start, 6 PM PST when bazaar resets…? Wednesday 25th is a long 24 hours and as stated in another post about my anal-retentiveness, I am unable to plan accordingly without more specific parameters!!


Like I said we just coordinate GP swaps between teams in the same influence bracket so we can control troop loss and gain max benefit. This whole season setup is a joke.



Well, without a doubt this should benefit PG and further monetize Atlas, so from PG‘s/your point of view you could say it‘s a smart move.

However, I stick with ‘plain stupid’ as far as game balance and battle mechanics go.

Why should I get vastly lower GP from a 100 lvl higher player just because he‘s sandbagging in a lower league?


Typical PG. Reply to all the questions that don’t have to do with how ridiculous this crap is. This truly has become quite a joke. @pgEcho


@pgEcho can we get an exact time Atlas will be available again? With a decent amount of a heads up por favor :pray:t2:


No, no you may not




Still testing the change on our production servers. Will provide an ETA update later on what time we plan to resume access once we finish the last verifications.


Thank you :pray:t2:


May we know a lil Info about how fsr u guys are? Will atlas reopen in 10-30 min. Or will it be in 6-8 hrs?

Thx for ur answer in advance.



Yep,looks,like they wants to “balance” Atlas lands ownership in this way😹
Pushing us to kill our troops for nothing Basically)
And putting those,who already spent a lot of money and effort in situation,when they have not much choice who to hit


Sooooo…best strategy is…go down to lower league and hit ppl from there?lol
Or send alt and backup it to get unfair hight GP
Or…hackers will keep hacking rubies and gems,and even after ban wave all their “investments” will still belongs to team
Looks like a nice balancing :+1:t2:





It’s only 4pm in California.
Don’t you know by now, they wait until knock off time for the big releases.
This way they can have a glass of whiskey after business hour while they respond to all the hate mail in the forums.


It’s a solid plan. Why fix what isn’t broke? Can’t fault the logic.


No hate. I‘m just interested. They sre doin a good job, just the times are always messy… Makes kt hard to plan and keep up witch changes.



Atlas access will be restored at approximately 5:30 PM PDT. At this point Seasons will be live, dragon rider gear buffs applied, pvp regions unlocked and Alliance chat will be enabled.


So how was atlas available a few minutes early for ppl? Cause at 5:27pm pst it was up

Pretty much some teams had a few minute head start to go and claim land @pgEcho what is that about??


Right on time! Atlas is officially back open and Atlas Seasons are live!