The First Atlas Season!


If you read my message it said approximately 5:30. Server updates take a few minutes to rollout so the exact time is always slightly variable hitting the live environment.


Can’t move anywhere in atlas. Get a waypoint error. Can’t put troops on my primarch either.


Glory is not counting towards season…


troops aren’t dying. Can’t kill anything.


What a success !


We have deployed various fixes for battles not registering. Thanks for your patience.


Isn’t GP supposed to be 100% when ur attacking enemy primarchs on ur castle…regardless of team influence and player level? Could have sworn it said on your own castle it’s always 100% glory

Well that’s not happening


That is really stupid again … it starts at our 3pm clocktime .
Give always european people disadvantage …now its us who need attack that rushers and so on …

I dislike that there was no information before ! And that we always get the disadvantage PG . :confused:


after you’ve owned it for over 24h


This is true.


Thank you :pray:t2:


And thank you :pray:t2: :slight_smile:


This…I can’t even…
I don’t want to be “another angry voice” but I honestly don’t understand why you would release more content without sorting current bugs out.
Atlas has been glitching and incredibly laggy for days, you add new land to the mix and boom whole map crashes.
This won’t be sorted with 5 gold chests and 200 sigils…


I thought the fix for the lag was coming with this update, I still have the same delay that came out with the flying primarchs update.


It’s crazy it wasn’t identified before they released new land. Maybe then we would have actually been been able to get in and actually get land…


again are the primarch boosts season cumulative? @pgEcho


Feel free to check my Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown:


Hello @pgEcho
Can you please tell all of us when do you plan to release all the new lands?

Its just our team had to wake up this night at 3am, we have waited several hours but the lands we were aiming at remained unavailiable and now we are still sitting in neutral. It’s really sad that there were no Info that lands would be opened only partially…

And I know that lots of other teams also remained without lands due to this.
Can you just tell all of us if there is a hope for a soon full release or we better go and fight for what there is? I personally am interested in south eastern lands…

Thank you in advance!


There was a map posted that showed which regions would be opened.
There were also forum and ingame updates about when exactly it would go live.


Yep, true, now I can see this. But sadly I and other people were not aquatinted with Atlas and understood that all those black regions would be availiable…
Our own fault, yes. still I wish this info was delivered a bit more ina way “Atlas for Dumbsters”…
Ok, we’ll go and get some lands from others now. In any case we could not move by the start…