The First Atlas Season!


There are no guides or any info about atlas. You pretty much get thrown in and hope someone is willing to help you out. Otherwise you’re screwed and frustrated. I could only imaging LC for teams in lower leagues that don’t have teams that have had atlas for very long. You’re thrown to the wolves and defenseless.


Actually there are great guides such as:


Don’t forget the offical WD Atlas Guide.


Im not much active in Atlas, but this update seems to get me there lol



Day of Reckoning?

So, I feel PG owes the player base, especially those of us in Atlas, at the very least what went wrong.

It was brought to PG’s attention last week the degree of problems with latency issues, 15-22 seconds delays after each and every action. Told, by a PG representative that it is being addressed in version 4.30.

I specificially indicated that the latency was happening to this degree with normal activity that PG needs to consider the demand on the game (I’m paraphrasing here, but if you insist I can search for that post in the forums and repost it). I indicated that once lands opened up there would be thousands (tens of thousands?) of players all rushing in to attempt to take over castles and regions, taunting, trapping, and attacking and if not accounted for the game would come to a halt and please not open the lands until this had been taken into account.

As is typical my plea fell on deaf ears, version released, lands open, and the game response came basically to a halt.

Latency? Can’t call what is happening now latency, a more descriptive term would be a stall. In the beginning Tap a castle, the action disc rapidly appeared and disappeared (literally it just flashed past), then got the disc but tapping Move resulted in a 10 second wait followed by the failed waypoint. Didn’t matter where one tried to go, to another safezone castle, back to owned regions, nothing. Last night I spend 16 minutes steadly attempting to get my Taunter on a castle in a new land. I had staged on Visolidor-1 last week so was attempting a move from there to across the border.

3-4 hours later, returned and tried again. After about 10 minutes finally got in. After each attack 15-20 secs wait before display became active so I could choose my next target. Of course during this delay my Sieger was vulnerable to attacks (not good considering his defense stats).

So, what was the justification for releasing this version when it is quite obvious that the demand wasn’t properly taken into account? This isn’t the first time this has happened in the game, it happened during one of Alliance raids and I posted a ticket then, as I did last night for whatever good it will do.

I’m not going to make threats of quitting the game because PG doesn’t care, it has plenty of fools like me who will continue to support the game’s finances.

This isn’t the definition of insanity, but it should be:

Keep doing exact same thing (i.e., players throw money at the game) and expect a different result.

BTW before I went in I did a complete reinstall as well as a hard reboot of the device before the install and went through the aspects of the regular game so all files could download, then went into Atas. You see I anticpated this, same ole, same ole.


As you can see by tapping on the settings button and looking at the version of the game, 4.30 has not been released. That is an update you must get from the app store in May.


Then by all means, the rollout and expansion was a total success! /SARCASM/

(I could barely bring myself to type the words)


Echo, land opening massive failure frustrated us beyond exhaustion.


It was so bad people were throwing phones around and shit. :neutral_face:


Sorry, I stand corrected. So PG purposely released lands pre-v4.30 knowing what the outcome would be!

OMG, if you don’t see anything wrong with this action there are more issues here than just the game.:thinking:

So, then, why didn’t PG wait until opening the lands with release of v4.30 IF that version will address the latency issues?

I know posts aren’t supposed to be personal but what is going on feels very personal to me!


Red broke her phone :disappointed:


Sorry to hear that. Have to admit I had no problems. When I heard about the new release and with previous Atlas experience and your warnings, I settled down with a glass of champagne and a movie.
All problems with the beginning of a new events sailed past. I hope it will get better but I am not holding my breath.


So not only was PG aware of latency issues, you acknowledged publicly that the issues exist and are significant enough to warrant fixes in an upcoming release whose version number and presumptive release date you already knew.

Instead of making a statement along the lines of, “Folks we know everyone is anxious for the expansion, but we’re working on the latency issues which should be fixed with the release of 4.30 tentatively scheduled for a May roll-out. While we understand your eagerness to enjoy the full Atlas experience, we also want to make sure the gameplay is as smooth as possible. We ask for your patience and encourage you to keep building, flying, and preparing for this awesome expansion!”

…You let this happen. You are the most immoral group of… I don’t even know what to call it…

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how you expect to compensate everyone who got screwed out of their chance to secure land…

But you sure as hell better figure it out.

Network Lag and its Impact on Gameplay

Regular pg style: you won’t be compensated… you missed the land and that’s it :sweat_smile:


My guess is Financial was trigger-happy to release the new Atlas season with all its ridiculous-ass cost (629k rubies, are you fucking kidding me?!) and said, ‘Ah screw the lag, we’ll make more off the whales buying the new elite gear than we’ll lose from the Atlas malcontents who may feel jipped and end up leaving— push the button!’

That’s the only reason they would have for opening up the new land while latency issues still plague the game. They’re not stupid, they’re just greedy and immoral.


Dont bad mouth the greedy and immoral people of the world by comparing them to PG


This was a mess. Truly don’t understand why you didn’t wait until after the update which would fix these latency issues. Ppl prepare weeks in advance for land expansions and end up not even being able to move for 30 minutes…not to mention gaining access to Atlas after other teams already have.

I know you said Atlas would relaunch at approximately 5:30pm PST…I think most ppl took that as you would push the update at 5:30pm and it may take a few minutes to roll out. Many ppl didn’t think you would push it ahead of time and it may become available before 5:30pm. That language was very unclear.

Ppl have to restart the app to see Atlas become available…which is not the right way to build things to begin with…I think PG has gotten used to that being ok…it’s really not. Also, if ppl are on different servers, and some may get updates sooner then others, it provides an UNFAIR advantage…ppl pay to play this game…u shouldn’t disadvantage them like this. There’s a way to do this where you roll out the update and once it’s complete you make it live to everyone at once. That’s the proper way to do it.

You can even have the Atlas button show up grayed out with a countdown timer after u pushed it…like give ppl 10, 30, or 60 minutes on a countdown timer before it’s released… you know…like the way u do with PvP for 24hrs…why don’t u start pvp at different surprising times with some teams gaining access before others? Because it would be an unfair advantage to some teams…so why is Atlas not treated at least the same way? The consequences are much more long term and impactful.

The solution is sitting right in front of you…u don’t even have to create anything new u can reuse components that already exist.

Edit: want to be clear I’m not berating PG and what’s done is done…but we can avoid things like this by implementing simple solutions.
A lot of ppl pretty upset about this…


I’m sorry Mike, It was a crime of passion. I was so distraught I wasn’t myself.


/Hail Mary - Our Father/

/Public apology to the Greedy and Immoral/


You were lucky.

Unless you’re PG, in which case it was crystal. Also they’re going to repurpose this as an argument why they don’t state times/deadlines. Self-fulfilling prophecy FTW.

Yeah, but that’s hard. They’re a small development team that needs our support, after all…

Great, now they’re gonna start making that a thing, thanks Tonto.

This is how they operate now and they can’t get it right. You sure you wanna be suggesting this?

Just to be clear I am definitely berating PG. I’ll own it. They F’ed up hardcore and there’s evidence to suggest they knew this would happen and they did it anyway. They oughtta be raked across the coals, but to each his own.


Well if u reuse broken code it’s going to be broken in multiple places :man_shrugging:t2: The components I’m referring to actually work properly… so should be good :+1:t3: