The First Atlas Season!


Keeping it simple.

One battle summary showed that I wiped all 2500 enemy troops, lost 3000 of my own, and earned ~1875 Glory. (wish I had taken a SS)

But the battle ledger shows the same enemy attacked me, killing 7500 of my troops, losing 600 of his own, and awarding me ~450 Glory.

I know that I started my attack first (he was Trapped) and I’m confident that I finished my attack first.
But in any case. The battle summary informed me that I was awarded 1875 G, but it wasn’t logged.

@pgEcho Is there any way to account and credit all the Glory for all the players who earned it fair and square, but lost it because of server lag?


We only managed to get in because somehow my leader managed to get herself in before all the paths were blocked. After that it was a matter of screwing around with Atlas mechanics to try to get our primes in there (killing them, respawning etc). It was bloody stupid and I almost broke my phone too.

One of the reasons for all this kerfuffle is because the damn safe zones bordering the new lands were not opened!! Why create artificial bottlenecks when you know the entire Atlas community will be trying to get into a particular area?


Besides being sure that PG will not credit anything like this no matter how you ask, they probably don’t even have the ability to see the unlogged battles. I imagine it’s like this: No matter how early or late you start or finish your attack or which results are shown on your phone, if that information doesn’t reach the server before the info from your enemy reaches it, the server most likely goes after the FCFS principle and ignores any data coming too late and showing different results. Those results probably only ever happened on your phone and never made it into the server logs.

But that’s just my guess, I’m not a server or network specialist.

What do you mean? Teams were staging in the open safe zones for days to be ready to enter the new lands upon opeining.


Many saves zones are still close even though they only share boarders with territory thats already open.


But PG released a map with exactly what zones would be open…


Yeah, no matter how far downhill it went after they released the patch to open territory, I must say we literally had all the info we could have wished for before the release.

Maps, amount of regions and their levels, biome types, open safe zones, regular updates about the timing of the release on the forums and ingame :+1:


Specifically I’m referring to the southern most safe zone “road”.


Was it on the map?


Newly opened safe zone roads were marked in pink/purple:


Yes yes I know…


so which of these pink/purple roads are you talking about

The attached image is color-coded to show you what will be released in each phase.
Yellow - Currently open and accessible Atlas Regions!
Purple - New Neutral Regions that will be opened up on Wednesday, April 4th.
Green - New PVP regions that will open up Wednesday, April 25th PST after the neutral regions.

edit: or are you referring to the safe zones at the very bottom of the map? Because those weren’t listed as being opened AND they’re also bordering unopened PVP zones.


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Are you sure this statement is fully correct? I ask because I have an open ticket right now with an example in which:
-the defense showed in the battles section of the ledger
-but (now 41hrs later), I have not received glory for my defender who was on the perch with a dragon in a battle in which I defended

Is the server still catching up?

That same ticket I have a battle I fought in NML prior to the PVP expansion in which no one else was around. It is not in my log. Actually there are two. I fought an attack with no one around. After I finished the attack another primarch approached mine and attacked me and that defense isn’t showing either.


That sounds like a big-ass gift…




4 ice shards and 1 1star rider mission.


I just realised;
Because I live in Western Australia, players who live near the Servers in America have the Advantage. When seconds count in Atlas PVP, my transcontinental oceanic connection to America, puts me at measurable disadvantage.


Congratulations, you’ve found Australia’s only disadvantage.


I hear the Emus are tough there too


Everything in the Atlas Seasons costs too many badges. Cut the price by 50%


I think they don’t want people to complete lines without spending.