The First Atlas Season!


What are the prizes for winning this Season with the most Glory? They seem to have been edited out…




Hi @Tigerfather meet PG. PG, meet @Tigerfather




5 days later, still nothing… I wonder if PG’s week is a regular week or longer? :man_shrugging:


Fun fact:
When PG‘s weekend events run 5 days while our weekend is 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), a regular 7 day week would be 17.5 days in PG time :rofl:


Reminds me about that glitch with time
When minutes became months🙊


So Atlas Season required we get GP…now shields are going to come up during reg game PvP for 5-6 days?? So we’re on timeout I guess…why do these shields come up during PvP anyway? Seems unnecessary


I doubt that’s going to be a problem. Look at the rate you can build vs the rate things die.


Fair point…the amount you can build daily without using bullhorns or rubies is pretty low…3+ days worth of training troops for one attacks possible loss.

Daily amount should be equal to one battles potential loss, in this case 7500.


And HOW you build. 800k gold and 8hr is insane.


For 800 troops yea it’s ridiculous.

If it was 800k good and 8hrs for 2400 troops wouldn’t be as bad. Or do u not like the combo of gold and time at all?

I have a bigger problem with the insanely slow refill rate of sailors/hats…and how it doesn’t scale with anything. If they introduced a way to increase the refill rate…I think it would be helpful.


Don’t worry. You can build up your tower to reduce the build time. Do the hats regen faster? No? Awesome :+1:

There’s so many ways to have more troops in general. The battle should be for land. Not just to have more troops. Troops should be the medium to do it. Not the factor of what wins.


That makes no sense. Then how would you credit card everything?


@pgEcho what was this all about . new portraits??


Reward info TBD.


It would be nice to know what we’re burning our troops for…


Wait I thought the rewards were set already :joy:
Portraits, monument, etc.


You get a bronze chest, you get a bronze chest, you alllllm get bronze chests! Jk, I hope.


Can’t wait for that bronze chest :raised_hands: