The First Seasonal Defensive Dragon Rider, Tanok!

Build the Strength of your Base with the new Codex Warrior!


This week, the latest Dragon Rider makes its way to War Dragons! This new rider will be the first Defensive Rider available in Seasons.


Defensive Riders are passive riders that sit atop your perched Dragon, giving buffs to your base and the islands around the area that the perch covers. Non-combat related buffs will impact every island on your base, but they do not stack across multiple perches. Buffs from a defensive rider will persist even after the perch has been destroyed in battle. Rider HP and Attack buffs are additive (not multiplicative) and will stack with other Tower HP and Attack buffs like consumables and runes.


For combat related buffs, islands will be affected as follows:


  • Seagazer Perch buffs the back long and short islands. These are the islands overlooked by the Statues and Lighthouse Monuments.

  • Riverwatch Perch buffs the middle long and short islands. These are the islands overlooked by the Guardian Statues, Tower of Learning, and Temple Monuments.

  • Stonespear Perch buffs the front long island. These are the islands overlooked by the Mount Dragon and Triple Towers Monuments.


To effectively use your defensive rider, players will want to equip them to the perch that covers the strongest towers for the most powerful boost to their base. Players will want to make sure that they also bond your rider to the dragon you plan on using before assigning it to the perch of your choosing. Remember as with every Dragon Rider, riders can be equipped to a dragon of any element unless they have their gear equipped.


Tanok's first page of his Seasons branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks. The first 28 prizes of the branch will contain all of the rider shards needed to get him to his max level of 50. The second half of his branch holds his "Scorching Defender Armor" set, which he dons before aiding fire dragons, such as Corthanak, Cuauhtli, or Opes in battle. While he can provide a power boost to any dragon without wearing his armor, when he wears the Scorching Defender set, he can only ride upon fire dragons.


Join the Dragons community team this week as they show off Dragon Rider Tanok live on our weekly streams! Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (6/20) at 3pm PT, Facebook Live this Thursday (6/21) at 2pm PT, and YouTube Gaming this Friday (6/22) at 3:30pm PT!




Champion of the Sun



Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain
Tower HP
Increase Tower HP 1 5 0.6


Tower Attack Increase Tower attack 1 5 0.2 1
Tower HP Increase Tower HP 1 5 0.2 1
Construction Time Reduce Construction Time 3 5 -1.4 -7
Tower Attack Increase Tower attack 3 5 0.7 3.5
Tower HP Increase Tower HP 3 5 0.7 3.5
Tower Attack Increase Tower attack 3 5 0.7 3.5
Wood Production Increase Wood Production 3 5 2.4 12
Food Production Increase Food Production 3 5 2.4 12
Wood Storage Capacity Increase Wood Storage Capacity 3 5 2.4 12
Tower Attack Increase Tower attack 5 5 1 5
Tower HP Increase Tower HP 5 5 1 5

Tanok’s Scorching Defender Armor Set


Dragonfire Armor

Gear Element: Fire


Gear Modifiers:


Gear Name Modifier Buff Gained by Armor (%)
Scorching Defender Boots Tower HP 2.5
Scorching Commander Plate Tower Attack 2.5
Scorching Defender Gloves Tower HP 2.5
Scorching Commander Helm Tower Attack 2.5
Scorching Defender Pants Tower HP 3
Scorching Commander Ring Tower Attack 3
Scorching Defender Shield Tower HP 4.5
Scorching Commander Spear Tower Attack 4.5


I love rider stats.
I would like clarification on whether its possible to get 13% Tower Attack and 13% Tower HP buff for the expert Tanok?
Was waiting for this post to ask this question :sweat_smile:


Is the rider’s full combat boost of 13/13 attack/def stats attainable, given the limited amount of level up points?

Gah, luffy beat me.

i have a dream, where one day all the rider construction bonuses will stack

Wait, what? So if we have our 30% monument boosts active, then the rider offers absolutely no additional attack or HP buff to the towers?

I’ll end it at that

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Your kidding right? perhaps you should go check your notes again Crisis because this CAN’T be true.

Or do you mean it wont boost the 30% those consumables add? which would make sense.

Please clarify

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Working on getting an answer to this for you!

I believe what Luffy quoted is correct - the total buff will stack with the monument boost up to 40%. I’ll get confirmation, though.


Take your time, Mike’s having a fit and it has entertainment value. :grin:

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meh im not getting it anyways lol

But i will be outraged on behalf of all of you who are :slight_smile:

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Mike’s not the only one… :slight_smile:

kinda shocking …

Just getting irate for no reason then :roll_eyes:

whats shocking?

its what i do when i am bored lol

With the 12% wood storage capacity, does this mean that we can build bigger towers sooner since the storage cap would increase at each storage level?


Oops. I had stopped planting … gonna get back to it then. Poor Mike. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I would have though it increased the amount lumber mills could hold, vs increasing the storage hut capacity. Great question for some clarity on it though.


Somewhat disappointed in the construction reduction percentage (yes I know, 3100 sigils vs 5 years hard labor in Atlas, blah blah blah).

But, making lemonade out of lemons, I was able to spend the 3100 sigils I had saved up for grabbing the rider right away on the discount dragon line. The 16 days of construction time it would have saved me was worth less than grabbing extra prizes at half off. I will still get the rider during the 2 week discount period, so win win.

Edit - actually HP and Attack stats are quite nice, just the construction reduction that is underwhelming…

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that you are not getting this rider